JSPO Released a special page for sports club activity reform! ~Enhancement of the junior sports environment with the transition of sports club activities to regions~

A special page for reforming sports club activities has been released! ~Enhancement of the junior sports environment with the transition of sports club activities to regions~

JSPO (official name: Japan Sports Association Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo/Chairman Masatoshi Ito), which creates an environment for “doing,” “seeing,” and “supporting” sports, has a special page on the JSPO official website titled “Sports Club.” Efforts for activity reform” has been newly released.
Currently, the environment surrounding junior sports, including sports club activities in junior high schools, has various issues. In particular, it is inevitable that the number of students will decrease further due to the declining birthrate (the number of students in 1986 was about 5.89 million, but by 2021 it will be halved to 2.96 million, and the number of births in 2020 will be about 840,000). .
In order for children to enjoy the sports they want to play in the way they want and how they want to be involved, it is necessary to review the junior sports environment centered on elementary and junior high school students.
In this special feature page, we will discuss the need to improve and enhance the environment for junior sports, including the “regional shift of sports club activities”, basic ideas and specific plans for reforming sports club activities undertaken by JSPO, and relations with the Japan Sports Agency. Related materials and case studies of the group are posted.
We plan to introduce precedent cases of member organizations and local governments that will provide hints for solving problems for improving the environment for regional sports, so please pay attention. [Special feature page] Efforts to reform sports club activities URL: https://www.japan-sports.or.jp/tabid1377.html
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