JTB Co., Ltd. Supporting digitization to improve productivity of lodging businesses such as hotels and ryokans: The lodging industry’s first “JTB Data Connect HUB” service will start on November 30

JTB Co., Ltd.
Supporting digitization to improve productivity of lodging businesses such as hotels and ryokans The lodging industry’s first “JTB Data Connect HUB” service will start on November 30

JTB Co., Ltd. has developed the “JTB Data Connect HUB” that links the management system of accommodation facilities with various systems provided for accommodation facilities such as automatic check-in. We will start providing services for accommodation operators. Through this, in addition to improving productivity and reducing the cost burden of accommodation operators, we aim to improve the digital experience value such as improving convenience for guests.
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◆Overview of “JTB Data Connect HUB”
Many lodging businesses have introduced a system (hereafter referred to as PMS [Property Management System] (*1)) to manage lodging reservations and sales prices. On the other hand, there are multiple services for digital solutions such as automatic check-in and automatic payment, and different systems have been introduced by each business operator. For this reason, unless the data on the digital solution is linked with the PMS, it will not lead to effective use of the data, resulting in an increase in manual work. By linking PMS and digital solutions, “JTB Data Connect HUB” enables more effective data utilization and contributes to improving the productivity of lodging operators. This kind of service is the first of its kind in the lodging industry.
In addition, there are multiple providers of PMS and digital solutions, and the cost of connecting them was an issue. By
standardizing the API*2 that connects data, the JTB Data Connect HUB reduces the cost burden, which is a barrier to the introduction of digital solutions, and makes it easier for lodging operators to introduce digital solutions.
*1 PMS (Property Management System): A business management system for accommodation operators.
A system that can manage accommodation reservations, fees, sales, customer information, etc.
*2 API: Abbreviation for Application Programming Interface/technical specifications for mutual cooperation between systems
◆ “JTB Data Connect HUB” Demonstration Experiment -Using “Kotozna In-room”*3 for Settlement Operations-
JTB conducted a demonstration experiment using the “JTB Data Connect HUB” in February and March 2022 (Release of the demonstration experiment: https://press.jtbcorp.jp/jp/2022/02/pms.html ). In the demonstration experiment, as a system of digital solutions, a non-contact multilingual communication tool “Kotozna In-room” that allows guests to chat with staff in their native language from anywhere in the facility using their own smartphones. room)” was used for checkout operations. In the past, data linkage between “Kotozna In-room” and PMS was costly and could not be linked. This could lead to more efficient work, such as non-contact and shorter time. In the demonstration experiment, “Kotozna In-room” and PMS data were linked using “JTB Data Connect HUB”, making it possible to present the unpaid amount to guests in real time. As a result, online payment was chosen on the checkout day, and it was demonstrated that the checkout time was reduced to 16% (=84% reduction).
*3 Kotozna In-room: Provided by JTB Co., Ltd. and Kotozna Co., Ltd. https://kotozna.com/in-room
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◆Future prospects
Digital solutions include many services for improving the operational efficiency of lodging operators, avoiding crowds of guests, and improving convenience. By linking these many digital solutions and PMS, we will contribute to improving the productivity of lodging operators and contribute to the creation of time for each person to get close to customers.
[Image 3d31978-959-ad342239591bd6940a75-2.png&s3=31978-959-0f52784d2ad583d05a99dbe65d3472bf-1249x312.png
[Image 4d31978-959-5974ceb93725bd663f49-3.png&s3=31978-959-b4b37f04596d3a35aaf22238301b2a73-922x539.png
[Image 5d31978-959-3c5f3e5dd28f9036dcbc-4.jpg&s3=31978-959-d301b93a1e59e829257f78ef90ea83af-1252x746.jpg
In 2022, the JTB Group’s 110th anniversary, we will further accelerate our sustainability initiatives in our business domain, the Exchange and Creation Business (*), with the aim of realizing a rich and sustainable society. increase.
*”Exchange Creation Business” is our registered trademark.
■ Inquiries from accommodation operators
JTB Kotozna In-room Secretariat (Osaka No. 1 Division)
TEL: 06-6260-0106 Business hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-17:30 (closed on weekends and holidays)
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