Jun Co., Ltd. Saturdays NYC OSAKA Cafe will reopen on November 30th (Wednesday)!

Jun Co., Ltd.
Saturdays NYC OSAKA Cafe will reopen on Wednesday, November 30th!
“Saturdays NYC OSAKA” operated by Jun Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Susumu Sasaki) will reopen on Wednesday, November 30th.
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In this renewal, Mr. Morgan Collett, the founder, embodies the idea that “Saturdays NYC coffee is indispensable for brand identity. We want people to enjoy the community space of Saturdays NYC, not just a cafe.” It will be reborn as a new community space.
As with the opening, architect Shin Ohori designed the entire 1st floor, which was a mixed space of cafe and apparel, as a cafe-only space. In addition, we are working on environmental considerations so that there is no waste, such as reusing the waste materials of the benches that are no longer needed during the renewal as materials for fixtures.
The espresso menu was supervised by Takayuki Ishiya, a barista who won the 4th place in the World Barista Championship held this year. In addition to the original blend of Saturdays by OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS, we have newly added “decaf blend” and “1/2 decaf blend” by TORIBA COFFEE and Saturdays NYC Cafe. A gun menu is also available. -ART
To commemorate the reopening on December 6th (Tuesday), a live painting by Mr. Elijah Anderson will be held on the walls of the store.
Elijah Anderson x Saturdays NYC Cafe collaboration T-shirts and tote bags will also be available.
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Decafe, 1/2 Decafe (HOT/ICED)
We will propose a new healthy culture by offering a decaf blend “1/2 decaf blend” coffee blended jointly with TORIBA COFFEE, espresso variation menu such as caffe latte and cappuccino.
*1/2 decaf blend is a blend of several decaf varieties and Arabica. [Image 3

VegeLatte (HOT/ICED)
Developed through the filter of Saturdays NYC Cafe, the vegetable latte that is starting to catch fire in NY. Fresh vegetables and fruits are freeze-dried and processed into powder to create an additive-free healthy drink.
It tastes like soup and is served with hot and cold drinks.
*From left: RED (mixed berry), Yellow (pumpkin), Purple (purple potato), Green (matcha, spinach)
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Vege Sand
A salad-themed vegan sandwich with spinach spread and fresh vegetables. *Spreads are made by stirring ingredients into a dip, while veggie sandwiches are rich with nuts instead of spinach and fresh cream. [Image 5

Grilled Sand
A lineup of grilled sandwiches with spreads and ingredients such as tuna/avocado melt sandwiches and mash melt sandwiches, voluminous NY pastrami sandwiches, and dessert grill sandwiches with apple and custard sandwiches will also be released.
HOMECOMING Vegan Pastries
Saturdays NYC OSAKA will have a lineup of HOMECOMING baked goods. It is the first landing of HOMECOMING in Kansai.
In the future, we plan to jointly develop menus, so please look forward to it. [Image 6

Saturdays NYC OSAKA
Address: 1F/2F, 4-13-22 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka TEL: 06-4963-3711
Number of seats: 58 seats
Hours: Cafe 9:00-20:00 / Apparel 11:00-20:00
SNS: https://www.instagram.com/saturdaysnyc_jp/
Catherine Earnshaw and Francis Carmona, who met in New York, wanted to spread delicious vegan food in Japan, and this baked shop boasts cult popularity.
TORIBA COFFEE is based on the concept of “delicious no matter how you brew it”. *Currently, the TORIBA COFFEE main store is preparing to relocate and open in February 2023, and the Kyoto store is scheduled to open in December 2022. WEB (https://www.toriba-coffee.com/)
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