Junior Chamber International Nagoya Public Interest Incorporated Association Junior Chamber International Nagoya held a forum “At Nagoya Monument Exhibition” in November.

Junior Chamber International Nagoya
Junior Chamber International Nagoya held a forum “At Nagoya Monument Exhibition” in November.

We promoted a project to decorate the At-Nagoya Monument, which is becoming a symbol of Nagoya, with students of Nagoya Mode Gakuen, and exhibited the wonderful designs gathered at Oasis 21.
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Looking back at the six designs adopted in the At Nagoya Monument decoration project, the students from Nagoya Mode Gakuen, who devised the adopted design, explained the design points, etc., and selected the best work from among them. I gave an award. In addition, Nagoya Grampus Eight, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Junior Chamber International Nagoya jointly announced a design reminiscent of Nagoya Grampus Eight’s 30th anniversary theme, “A City with Soccer.” We were able to strengthen the connection between Junior Chamber International Nagoya and At-Nagoya Monument by exhibiting the wonderful designs gathered in the At-Nagoya Monument Decoration Project.
In the talk session, we also communicated that the brand of Junior Chamber International Nagoya is to respond to the needs of citizens and to promote projects with partners.
The brand of Junior Chamber International Nagoya will continue to grow through our daily activities. We will continue to work on solving problems in Nagoya, remembering that we can only conduct better projects and forums with the cooperation of our partners, the citizens of Nagoya and companies.
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[Image 3d55701-17-0837aef30386c0a546a2-1.jpg&s3=55701-17-486d732ec2146e2c8d5039e577ff947a-2992x2000.jpg

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