Jupiter Co., Ltd. Kirishima Rei 11th Anniversary Commemoration “Kirishima Tour Rei! AR Stamp Rally Extra Edi tion” held!

Yupiteru Co., Ltd.
Kirishima Rei 11th Anniversary “Kirishima Tour Rei! AR Stamp Rally Extra Edition” held!
– AR stamp rally around the Kirishima area full of attractions such as gourmet food, souvenirs, and hot springs –

Jupiter Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Norihiko Anraku, hereinafter referred to as Jupiter) is celebrating the 11th anniversary of the birth of Jupiter’s original character “Kirishima Rei”. An AR stamp rally “Kirishima Tour Rei! AR Stamp Rally Extra Edition” will be held from November 10th (Thursday) to December 31st (Saturday).
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“Kirishima Tour Rei! AR Stamp Rally Extra”
■ “Kirishima Tour Rei! AR Stamp Rally Extra”
Rei Kirishima celebrated her 11th birthday this year. In commemoration of this, together with the “Kirishima City x Jupiter Kirishima Junrei! Rally Extra Edition” will be held by Jupiter’s own sponsorship. This AR stamp rally extra edition lists attractive spots such as gourmet, souvenirs, and hot springs that were not introduced in the
collaboration AR stamp rally with Kirishima City as spots recommended by Kirishima citizens. Not only those who will participate in this AR stamp rally extra edition, but also those who have already
participated in the collaboration AR stamp rally with Kirishima City can enjoy it.
November 10, 2020 (Thursday) *6:00 start – December 31 (Saturday) [Content]
A digital stamp rally that collects stamps by visiting each spot in the Kirishima area using a smartphone with the free app “YupiteruAR” installed. You can get a stamp from the GPS location information by launching the app at the stamp spot. At each spot, “Kirishima Rei” will appear on your smartphone with the AR (Augmented Reality) function of the app! You can also enjoy an audio guide. The first 200 people who have collected stamps at 10 of the 23 spots will receive a “Kirishima Rei 11th Anniversary Commemorative Set (Limited Not For Sale)”! In addition, we will present “Kirishima Yokamon products” from each spot by lottery to those who have achieved it.
[Stamp spots] (23 locations in total) *In alphabetical order 1. Ima Butcher
2. Imayoshi Tea
3. Iwakiri Bikodo
4. Eirakuso
5. Orihashi Ryokan
6. Glass Studio Deshimaru
7. Kirishima Kojizo GEN
8. Kirishima livestock
9. Fog and Sakura
10. Kirin Shoten
11. Kumenya
12. Eating comfortably
13. Sakamoto Kurozu “Tsubobatake” Information Center & Restaurant 14. Satsuma Steam Shop Hayato
15. Satsuma Steam House Kokubun Branch
16. Satsuma Steam Shop Kirishima Folk Craft Village
17. Gelateria Cuore
18. Tajima Main Building
19. Nenrindo
20. Hinatayama solid food
㉑ Fuji Dream Airlines
㉒Mishoranba Kyoramun
㉓Jupiter Kagoshima
* Stamp acquisition and AR display are possible only during the business hours of each stamp spot. For details, please check the detailed information of each stamp spot from the app. Even if it is a regular holiday, it is possible during normal business hours. [Benefits]
1. The first 200 people who have achieved 10 out of 23 locations will receive a “Kirishima Rei 11th Anniversary Commemorative Set (Limited item not for sale)”.
2. Those who achieve 10 out of 23 spots will receive a “Kirishima Yokamon Product” from each spot by lottery.
Click here for details
■ Free AR app “YupiteruAR”
This is an application that allows you to enjoy taking pictures of characters such as Rei Kirishima, Sakura Fuji, and Chacha Aoi from Jupiter’s original character unit “Hagoromo 6”.
[Image 2d75895-25-f41a009ccf70b6e493dd-6.png&s3=75895-25-085856e8b19c45830c2724c1d66c76dd-137x296.png
-Terms of Use-
iOS, Android ARKit/ARCore compatible smartphones and tablets Recommended devices: iPhone 11 or higher, devices with Android 10 or higher OS

■ Jupiter original character “Kirishima Rei”
[Image 3d75895-25-008f41e8c17429a77503-2.png&s3=75895-25-4dead2b79748c14fe3e7c0e05645ebc4-500x1020.png
17 years old from Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
It’s usually gentle and kind, but when it transforms, it turns cool! And a little mischievous “safe driving instructor girl”.
With the support of many fans nationwide, we celebrated our 11th anniversary in October 2022.
[Image 4d75895-25-99aba1d41b94184248da-3.png&s3=75895-25-9cf6dd3c6116068565dba492404cfae8-950x935.png

[Image 5d75895-25-c47adfa1260204f1b9c9-5.jpg&s3=75895-25-02bee49075711e5fb8f33bc4c0cdad1b-950x300.jpg

■ About Yupiteru Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1970, Jupiter has created products that utilize video technology, microwave and wireless communication technology, such as car goods, motorcycle goods, golf and sports goods. From 2020, we will start selling the monitoring robot “Yupibo” and enter the home robot market. Going forward, we will continue to create a wide range of products and services based on our philosophy of “opening up the future through manufacturing innovation,” making use of cutting-edge technologies such as “IT, IoT, ICT, AI, VR, and AR.” increase. Company name: Yupiteru Co., Ltd.
Location: 6th floor, Shinagawa Tokyu Building, 1-6-31 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075
Chairman and CEO: Norihiko Anraku
Established: October 1970
Business: Manufacture and sale of video technology and GPS application equipment Company HP: https://www.yupiteru.co.jp/
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