Juroku Houi Co., Ltd. Announcement of the release of “All Japan Pro-Wrestling 50th Anniversary Lottery”

Juroku Hoi Co., Ltd.
Announcement of the release of “All Japan Pro-Wrestling 50th Anniversary Lottery”
Sales will start sequentially from Saturday, January 21, 2023!
Juroku Hoi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takeo Akamatsu) will hold the “All Japan Pro-Wrestling 50th Anniversary Lottery”, a memorial for the 50th anniversary, under the supervision of All Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., Ltd. in January 2023. Sales will start at FamilyMart and other general retailers from the 21st (Sat)!
[Image 1d85287-39-72f43b11a9bc1b44dae0-0.jpg&s3=85287-39-b74d2a4b1c7cd6c85ce5727e8d645391-1408x1991.jpg
[Image 2d85287-39-a28602121145730f32c7-1.jpg&s3=85287-39-b7877ac2ac74882936109cc25269ba4f-2000x1414.jpg
■ Product information page
■Premium details
In commemoration of the 50th anniversary memorial, in addition to Suwama, Kento Miyahara, and Jake Lee, all 12 players including Giant Baba, Tsururyu, Shitenno, Hansen, and Brody are included. . Items of wrestlers who color the 50th anniversary are now available! ! * The recorded players are the contents as of November 2022 of this announcement. Subject to change.
Detailed information will be announced in a follow-up report. All Japan Pro-Wrestling 50th Anniversary Lottery
Price including tax: 900 yen per stick (planned) *60 sticks in total * We will inform you of the details of the store, the recorded players, and the items of each prize as soon as they are decided. Special prize: Bronze soft vinyl (4 types in total): 4 pieces Prize A: Beer mugs (4 types in total): 4 bottles
Prize B: Acrylic stand (24 types in total): 24
Prize C: Clear file & sticker set (14 types in total): 28
Finish Prize: Giant Baba Soft Vinyl Gold Ver. +3 crown belt
*The contents are under supervision. Lineup and number are subject to change. *The design is a rough image at the moment.
* We will inform you of the sales destination and the items of each prize as soon as they are decided.
Release/Sales: Juroku Houi Co., Ltd.
(C) AJPW (C) 2022 16 directions inc.
*The image may differ slightly from the actual product. Please note. ■ About Juurokuhoui
Stylish sports cars, professional athletes, heroes and characters from anime and movies… We are a company that gives shape to people and things that aspire to such hobbies and entertainment.
[Image 3d85287-39-fedd71a6f355fd35363b-2.png&s3=85287-39-ef4c700b671b9d082d514b0878982e8f-400x400.png
Company name: Juroku Houi Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takeo Akamatsu, Representative Director
Headquarters: Akiba CO Building 2F, 3-16-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: November 2016 Subsidiary of Good Smile Company Co., Ltd. Business description:
Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of toys, figures and goods Advertisement and sales consulting for toys, figures and goods, business agency Packaging and advertising design for toys, figures, and goods, and web design contract work

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