Just hang it up for a bright and mature impression! New arrival of “nice” glasses “CLAUDIA FOREST” for a dult women Sales start from November 14, 2022 (Monday)

Aigan Co., Ltd.
Just hang it up for a bright and mature impression! New arrival of “nice” glasses “CLAUDIA FOREST” for adult women Sales start from November 14, 2022 (Monday)

Aigan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tennoji-ku, Osaka, President: Michio Shimojo), which operates “Aigan” (https://www.aigan.co.jp/), which sells glasses and hearing aids , “CLAUDIA FOREST 1029M / 1030” from the original eyeglass brand “CLAUDIA FOREST” for women with the concept of “always be yourself” will be available from November 14, 2022 (Monday). , will be on sale at the Aigan official online shop. [Image 1

[Image 2

Product features
The newly introduced CLAUDIA FOREST 1029M/1030 has a front (front frame) that gives a bright impression to the face just by hanging it, and a shape that can be expected to have a lift-up effect and eye color effect. It is a new model with a side view. In addition, we paid particular attention to each part, such as the shape of the temples and pads to create a design that creates a modest femininity. There are two types of shapes, a Boston type that emphasizes femininity and a Wellington type that gives a dignified and intelligent impression, with 3 colors each, for a total of 6 variations.
[Focus on the front (front frame)]
The front (front frame) adopts a cut rim that enables a design with different textures stacked on top of each other. By applying uncompromising hairline processing to the sides, it is not only glossy, but also has a sturdy design that prevents damage such as cutting the rim (edge).
[Image 3

[Sideline commitment]
I was particular about the elegant side view as an adult outfit. It is craftsmanship that beautiful acetate fabric shines in the frame of the temple part. Delicateness that contrasts with rounded hinges (joints) is unparalleled.
[Image 4

[Focus on modern (ear hooks)]
Not only does it make your ears look neat, but the metal does not touch your skin directly, and the flat shape makes it easy to wear. [Image 5d45515-160-a5be49f69500ac2e8a84-4.jpg&s3=45515-160-3781d3fe46b99d9afbbb08d56f8d9837-641x481.jpg

brand description
■ About the “CLAUDIA FOREST” series
Based on the theme of “always be yourself”, this is a series that realizes the beauty of mature women as they are.
[Image 6d45515-160-768522991d3f24d41332-7.png&s3=45515-160-2e3bdabe49c913163365bea50d5bbef5-259x180.png
-Points to assist with ageless styling-
・Surface treatment that is familiar to the face ⇒ Makes the skin look glossy! – Rounded temples with good texture ⇒ Feminine casual feel!
・Three-dimensional bridge ⇒ Narrow bridge, beautiful face!
・Laser processing and decoration parts ⇒ Adult texture!
・Simple design ⇒It is said that the sense is young!
CLA-1029M Boston type
A Boston type with a deep top and bottom style and an outstandingly feminine degree.
The front (front frame) and side hairline color and beautiful side view. Coloring that makes you feel bright just by making new glasses. COL.1_PKBR, COL.2_BR, COL.3_OLV from the bottom of the image [Image 7d45515-160-47047daf46d7533dee1f-5.jpg&s3=45515-160-47bd6189e6fa14ce929f8a9d2490ac85-589x441.jpg
CLA-1030 Wellington type
Wellington type that gives the impression of dignified intelligence. I want a plastic frame, but I don’t want to look young. I don’t want it to look dark.
Easy to match with a bright and transparent color that does not make you feel the thickness of the rim (edge).
COL.1_PK, COL.2_BE, COL.3_OLV from the bottom of the image
[Image 8d45515-160-689f0b7db3198017a667-6.jpg&s3=45515-160-9eef61f1f22ff38d95fa8b0c5ef7cc14-589x442.jpg
Product Summary
Product name: CLAUDIA FOREST 1029M/1030
Price: ¥19,980 (tax included) Price with lens (for bifocals and ultra-thin)        ※Includes ultra-thin lenses with UV protection and
water-repellent coating or bifocal lenses
Release date: November 14, 2022 (Monday)
Material: Front = 1029M: Alloy + Stainless / 1030: Acetate
       Temple = β titanium
Product details:
https://www.aigan.co.jp/products/?category=glasses&brd=claudia_forest Online shop URL: https://online-shop.aigan.co.jp/ic/00099
Company Profile
Trade name: Aigan Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 4-9-12 Omichi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0052 Representative: Michio Shimojo, President and CEO
Capital: 5,478 million yen
Established: January 11, 1961
Description of business: The Group handles eyeglasses, sunglasses and other related products.
We are developing an eyewear specialty store chain.
URL: https://www.aigan.co.jp/
Online URL https://online-shop.aigan.co.jp/
Owned media “Aigan STYLE”: https://www.aigan.co.jp/aigan_style/ We, Aigan Co., Ltd., aim to be a company that makes our customers’ lives more comfortable and richer, and provide reliable technology, convincing products, and services that are close to their feelings. Details about this release:


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