JVC KENWOOD Corporation Awarded “Gold” for the fifth consecutive year in the “PRIDE Index”, an evaluation index for initiatives related to LGBT

JVC KENWOOD Corporation
Awarded “Gold” for the fifth consecutive year in the “PRIDE Index,” an evaluation index for LGBT initiatives

JVC KENWOOD Corporation has been awarded “Gold” in the “PRIDE Index 2022” evaluation index for initiatives related to sexual minorities such as LGBT in companies and organizations formulated by the voluntary organization work with Pride. This is the fifth consecutive year since 2018 that our company has received the Gold award in this index.
■ Background to winning the award
The “PRIDE Index” is Japan’s first index that evaluates the efforts of companies and organizations related to LGBT, and scores LGBT-related efforts using five indexes. We have positioned “promoting diversity and inclusion” as one of our key strategies, respecting the diversity of each and every employee and promoting initiatives aimed at creating a rewarding workplace and a vibrant corporate culture. In particular, the following LGBT initiatives were highly evaluated in each of the five indicators.
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1.Policy (Declaration of Action)
Top management itself sends out messages to promote diversity, including LGBT, both inside and outside the company.
2.Representation (Party Community)
We have set up the JVCKENWOOD Helpline to receive consultations regarding legal violations, including SOGI harassment*.
* Harassment regarding sexual orientation or gender identity. SOGI stands for “Sexual orientation and gender identity”.
In our in-house training for employees, we incorporate LGBT-related content in an effort to promote understanding and awareness among employees. In addition, we have created an LGBT symbol mark to show that we understand and support LGBT people, and distribute LGBT ALLY (supporter) stickers to employees who have undergone training. [Image 2d45133-264-57672ba9ecaa6fa5bb23-1.png&s3=45133-264-a020450bfee4919a1c90717a08b88ba8-709x965.png
4.Development (personnel system/program)
We have added “Risks related to sexual minorities in the world” to the overseas work handbook for employees on overseas assignments and business trips, and are responding to risks when working in countries or regions where homosexuality or cross-dressing is a crime. In addition, we have changed the group insurance system, which is the Group’s welfare program, to allow same-sex partners to be designated as beneficiaries.
5.Engagement/Empowerment (social contribution/external relations activities) In support of “Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2022”, Japan’s largest LGBT festival, we participated in the “LGBT-Ally Project In Online Parade” held on April 16 (sponsored by Out Japan Co., Ltd.).
Going forward, we will continue to promote the creation of an organization and culture that respects diversity, and aim to contribute to the creation of value for our customers by maximizing the capabilities of each and every employee.
The contents of this document are current at the time of publication. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.
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