KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Actress Wakana Matsumoto’s first photo essay “Matsu no Moto” will be released, revealing the feelings of this year’s breakout actress herself

Actress Wakana Matsumoto’s first photo essay “Matsu no Moto” will be released, revealing the feelings of this year’s breakout actress herself

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will release the first photo essay “Matsu no Moto” (1,800 yen) by actress Wakana Matsumoto on Saturday, February 25, 2023. + tax). Today, November 25th (Friday), we started accepting reservations at each sales site.
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Matsumoto Wakana, who has been attracting attention as a 38-year-old late-blooming breakout actress, has become a hot topic by appearing in dramas in the January and April periods of this year, and in the July period, she will play the first lead role in a serial drama in the 15th year of her debut. “Actress Wakana Matsumoto” was featured on “Jonetsu Tairiku” (TBS series) broadcast on Sunday, November 27th, and it can be said that she is the most breakout actress of the year. Matsumoto’s first photo essay “Matsu no Moto” is a book that condenses the charm of a seasonal actress. There are plenty of thoughts in his own words, such as episodes about his private life that have not been revealed on SNS, his thoughts on his early days, and what he wants to challenge in the future.
In addition, in the photo part, many valuable photos such as newly taken photos with a sense of privacy and behind-the-scenes cuts at the shooting site taken by themselves are posted. Also, in a good way, the “Narikiri cut” that Matsumoto bursts out of is a highlight.
“It might be better to have themes such as ‘fashionable’, ‘cute’, and ‘cool’, but that doesn’t look like Matsumoto, so I threw in various things,” she said, referring to the actress’s photo essay. It is a work that condenses the fun of “Human Wakana Matsumoto” that goes beyond the frame.
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Illustration, text, collage / Wakana Matsumoto
Featured POINT of books
1. Plenty of Wakana Matsumoto’s private words, thoughts on her early days, and future challenges.
She talks about her private life, which has many hobbies such as “eraser stamp”, “illustration”, and “embroidery”.
2. Many cuts taken and photos taken by myself
A lot of newly taken photos such as natural location photos and texture cuts in Wakana Matsumoto’s private clothes are included. 3. Matsumoto-style creation files? Wakana Matsumoto becomes that profession A paper interview where Wakana Matsumoto has become five professions that she has not acted until now and will not act in the future. Matsumoto’s actress spirit overflows from the paper. In addition to the 4 members of “Enka Singer”, “Idol”, “Carpenter”, and “Zoo Keeper”, the remaining one has a secret and surprising job? To. Also pay attention to each bento made by Matsumoto, who has a chef license. 4. The title “Matsu no Moto” was invented by himself. A full-fledged book that pays attention to detail
The tangible and intangible things that have created Wakana Matsumoto are gathered together, and this book is exactly the “source of Wakana Matsumoto”. Full of playfulness, such as stickers with photos and illustrations of the person himself.
Author: Comment from Wakana Matsumoto
It’s been 38 years since I was born into this world. I was tossed around by rough seas to some extent, but I think that I have gained a lot through various experiences.
I’ve been carried out to publish my book like that.
Wakana Matsumoto’s “ordinary” is written and spelled out.
In addition to text, there are plenty of content about Matsumoto today, such as photos and illustrations. I faced many challenges. It may be the first and last. Because I think it’s a figure that can only be left now.
The release date is my 39th birthday.
Goro is also the best thank you! “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone, so please look forward to it.”
book specification
Pine base
[Price] 1,980 yen (main unit 1,800 yen + tax)
[Release date] Saturday, February 25, 2023
[Format] B5 size (182mm x 257mm)
[Number of pages] 128 pages (all 4C)
[ISBM] 9784048975209
Publication commemorative event
[Date and time] Sunday, March 12, 2023 HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA 5F event space [Time] 11:00/12:00/13:00
[Lawson Ticket] Click here to purchase
* Sales will start at 18:00 on December 1, 2022 (Thursday).
* You will be able to purchase the above when sales start.
Wakana Matsumoto Profile
Born February 25, 1984. Born in Tottori prefecture. Debuted in 2007 with “Kamen Rider Den-O”. After that, while working part-time, he experienced a long period of unsuccessful sales, but he appeared in numerous dramas and movies and improved his acting skills. In 2017, she won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 39th Yokohama Film Festival for her performance in the movie “Gukoroku”. Since the beginning of this year, she has been attracting attention with the January cool drama “Mystery to Say Nare”, and has made a breakthrough in the April cool drama “Yangonaki Ichizoku” as a sister-in-law who is mean to the main character. It became a hot topic on SNS called “Matsumoto Theater” because of her performance of singing funny faces and parody songs, and she won the Television Drama Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Tokyo Drama Award 2022 for Best Supporting Actress. He starred for the first time in the cool drama “Revenge Widow” in July, and recorded an amazing number of views for a late-night drama, with 1.2 million views on missed streams. In October, he is regularly appearing in the drama “First Penguin!”. A regular drama for January 2023 has also been decided.
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