KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. “CLANNAD Special Number Talking About Love” will be distributed on November 27th (Sun)! Nijisanji Ibrahim, Shirayuki Reid, voice actor Fumiya Imai and others discuss their passion for “CLANNAD”

“CLANNAD special program about love” will be delivered on November 27th (Sun)! Nijisanji Ibrahim, Shirayuki Reid, voice actor Fumiya Imai and others discuss their passion for “CLANNAD”
Live broadcast on Dengeki G’s magazine’s new web service “G’s Channel”. Mafia Kajita, a game writer, will be the MC, and Daisuke Sakaguchi, the voice actor who played the role of Yohei Sunohara, will also appear as a special guest!

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) has transitioned from the monthly magazine “Dengeki G’s magazine”, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in December 2022, to the web service “G’s Channel” (October 26th pre-opening). On November 27th (Sunday), we decided to broadcast a special program live as an attempt to develop a new service on “G’s Channel”.

“CLANNAD’s special program to talk about love” has been decided on “G’s Channel”
From 20:00 on Sunday, November 27th, a special program that talks about CLANNAD live, [CLANNAD] Swamp is Otanite! We will deliver #Numa Ota.
“Numatte Otanite! #Numa Ota” is a program that “talks about the love of various works” as a special live broadcast on G’s channel. The theme of the first broadcast will be “CLANNAD”.
As a talk variety that welcomes CLANNAD fan guests and delivers it, we will talk about CLANNAD live!
Game writer Mafia Kajita will serve as MC, and voice actor Fumiya Imai, Nijisanji’s virtual river Ibrahim, and Neo-Porte’s VTuber Reid Shirayuki will appear as members who talk about “CLANNAD” love. To do. Daisuke Sakaguchi, the voice actor who played Yohei Sunohara in “CLANNAD”, will also appear as a special guest!
[Image 1

Delivery date and time
Date and time: Sunday, November 27, 20:00-21:00
Program name: [CLANNAD] Swamp is Otanite! #Numa Ota
Delivery URL: https://gs-ch.com/live/smVCk8S3yHAphCnii4HvjnPR *The first half is a free part that anyone can watch, and the second half is a G’s channel member-only part.
*On the day of the broadcast, add the Twitter hashtag “#Numaota” and tweet your impressions and commentary and make it lively!
[Image 2

■The free first half will be streamed on the KADOKAWAanime YouTube channel at the same time!
URL: https://youtu.be/q00hGino74I
[Image 3

https://gs-ch.com/articles/information/arXxiy8vzYkSTEZYPzsPbsTg What is G’s Channel?
Taking over the popular content of the character & visual magazine “Dengeki G’s magazine” centered on animation and games, the web service “G’s Channel” was launched on October 26th (Wednesday). In addition to enjoying original content from G’s, it is a basic free service that develops popular works serialized in “Dengeki G’s magazine” such as the latest work of the “Yuusha deru” series and “Tenka Hyakken”. . We also have a paid membership plan that allows you to view special fun elements.
In the future, we will continue to improve the service so that you can enjoy not only the addition of new works, but also the distribution of videos, audio, and programs, so please pay attention!
Service name: G’s Channel
URL: https://gs-ch.com/
Basic free/paid member monthly fee: 550 yen (tax included)
■Present campaign for paying members!
“G’s Channel” is currently conducting a gift campaign for those who have registered as a paid member.
* For details on how to register as a paid member and the details of the campaign, please check the articles “About membership
registration” and “About membership benefits” in “G’s Channel” (https://gs-ch.com/).
[Present for all early paid member registrants]
・2023 digital school calendar
If you register as a paid member by 23:59 on December 25th, you will receive a digital school calendar of one of the works below! “Sister Princess 20th Project”
“Tenka Hundred Swords”
“Yuki Yuna is a Hero Series”
“AngelBeats! Tenshi-chan (Illustration: Goto P)”
[Present to 30 people by lottery from paid member registrants] ・”G’s Channel” original character can badge & acrylic key chain [Image 4

can badge sample
[Image 5

acrylic key chain sample
Click here for the latest information on “G’s Channel”!
Dengeki G’s magazine official Twitter
[Image 6

URL: https://twitter.com/gs_magazine
■ Dengeki G’s magazine.com
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