KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Trial reading available I want to make “eyes” with magic-“Magician Kunon is visible ” Comics Volume 1 released on November 22

[With trial reading] I want to make “eyes” with magic-“Magician Kunon is visible” Comics Volume 1 released on November 22nd

The first comicalized volume of the super-popular high fantasy “Magician Kunon is visible” (MF Comics Alive series / published by KADOKAWA) will be released on November 22, 2022.
The goal of the protagonist, who was born blind, was to create new eyes with water magic. An unprecedented magical quest by a genius boy begins now! !
As a bonus for purchasing one volume, you will receive a limited bonus for each store. Check below for details!
“Magician Kunon is visible” Book information
[Image 1

Drawing: La-na
Original: Minamino Umikaze
Character draft: Laruha
List price: 671 yen (body 610 yen + tax)
Release date: November 22, 2022
ISBN: 9784046818782
“You must make eyes with magic.” Kunon Gurion, a boy who was born blind. His goal is to create new eyes with water magic.
Kunon, who surpassed the ability of a teacher in just five months after starting to learn magic, blossomed even more in the first challenge in history!
You can sense the colors of your surroundings with magic, and you can recreate a cat with just elementary magic. His technique and ideas were enough to impress even the royal palace magicians, and Kunon’s name eventually spread even to the royal palace――!?
Overwhelmingly popular high fantasy on the web, the long-awaited comicalized volume 1!
Bibliographic page: https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/322207000437/ ≪A little bit of the first episode has been released! ≫
[Image 2

The sorcerer Kunon can see_1
[Image 3

The sorcerer Kunon can see_2
[Image 4

The sorcerer Kunon can see_3
[Image 5

The sorcerer Kunon can see_4
[Image 6

The sorcerer Kunon can see_5
[Image 7

The sorcerer Kunon can see_6
[Image 8

The sorcerer Kunon can see_7
[Image 9

The sorcerer Kunon can see_8
“Magician Kunon is visible” is being serialized in “Monthly Comic Alive” released around the 27th of every month!
A trial reading of the first episode is now available on Comic Walker! Monthly Comic Alive: https://comic-alive.jp/
Comic Walker: https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_MF02203041010000_68/ store benefits
As a bonus for purchasing Volume 1 of “Magical Kunon is Visible”, you will receive a limited bonus for each store. The benefits will end as soon as they run out, so please check it out as soon as possible! *Some stores may not be available.
* Please contact each store for details on distribution and sales methods. *Since the number of distributions and sales is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out.
〇 Animate bonus: newly drawn illustration card
[Image 10

Toranoana Bonus: Illustration Card
〇wonderGOO Benefits: Postcard
[Image 14



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