KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Voice actor Toshinari Fukamachi and popular VTuber team up every month!? New program “Toshinari Fukamachi’s V Rose!!!” has started! The first live broadcast will start at 20:00 on November 22nd (Tuesday), and will be extended to

The voice actor Toshinari Fukamachi and the popular VTuber team up every month!? The new program “Toshinari Fukamachi’s V Rose!!!” has started! The first live broadcast will start at 20:00 on November 22nd (Tuesday), and will be extended to 2 hours for the first time! Broadcast starts at 20:00 on Tuesday, November 22, 2022

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will launch Nico Nico Channel “Toshinari Fukamachi’s V Rose !!!” with voice actor Toshinari Fukamachi as the main cast on November 22, 2022 ( Tue) Live broadcast will start at 20:00. A popular VTuber will appear as a partner guest every month.
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With the concept of “discovering new possibilities for voice actors and VTubers”, this channel will sometimes invite guests from various genres and broadcast live for 90 minutes every month!
The first time is a 2-hour extended special! (Free part: 20:00-20:45, paid part: 20:45-22:00 scheduled)
The first partner guests are the popular VTuber, Haru Kaida from Nijisanji, and Jun Kasama, a voice actor!
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Broadcast contents will be sent on the program official Twitter at any time. Please pay attention!
[Broadcast program name]
Fukamachi Toshinari’s V rose! ! !
Toshinari Fukamachi
Monthly companion guest VTuber
[Monthly membership fee]
550 yen (tax included)
[Live broadcast URL]
[Toshinari Fukamachi’s V rose! ! ! Channel related official URL] ◆V rose of Toshinari Fukamachi! ! ! channel page
◆ “Fukamachi Toshinari’s V Rose !!!” Official Twitter Account https://twitter.com/fkm_var
◆ “Fukamachi Toshinari’s V Rose !!!” Official YouTube
Published after 13:00 on November 15th
On official YouTube, archives of program free parts and official clippings of programs,
YouTube exclusive content etc. will be uploaded sequentially. Thank you for subscribing to our channel!
Program MC
[Image 4d7006-11525-16b7bfcaa086f83fdeab-2.jpg&s3=7006-11525-5fef5a52c8f0f54ed240f70a1657564a-1099x1634.jpg
・ Fukamachi Toshinari
Born August 29
Born in Yamagata Prefecture
Apto Pro Co., Ltd.
Special skills/hobbies: guitar, skiing, games
・ Appearance work
“History’s Strongest Great Demon King Reincarnates as Villager A” (Ard Meteor) “The world’s strongest in commonplace occupation” (Hajime Nagumo) “THE IDOLM@STER SideM” series (Ikko Shinsoku/Genbu Kurono)
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