Kaga City sponsored event “Kaga City Web 3.0 Future Empowerment Conference” will be held on December 10 (Sat)

D4D R Co., Ltd.
Kaga City sponsored event “Kaga City Web 3.0 Future Empowerment Conference” will be held on December 10 (Sat)
A free hybrid event that not only solves the social issues in front of us, but also thinks about the region in a more future-oriented way.
On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Kaga City (Mayor: Riku Miyamoto) will hold an event “Kaga City Web 3.0 Future Empowerment Conference ~ Empowerment ~ for the future you want to be with backcasting will be held.
D4D R Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kentaro Fujimoto, hereinafter D4DR) will support the operation of this event, and the representative Kentaro Fujimoto will be the general
coordinator / moderator of the event. I will be on stage.
[Click here for application and details

Kaga City aims to realize “Smart City Kaga,” which solves regional issues and improves the quality of life of citizens through the social implementation of advanced technology. In March 2018, it declared the formation of a “blockchain city” for the first time in Japan, and the government is working on city development that leads the introduction of advanced technology. In addition, in November 2019, a memorandum of friendship and exchange was signed with the city of Haapsalu in the Republic of Estonia to deepen exchanges with the electronic nation of Estonia. In May 2021, we announced the “e-Kaga citizen system (Kaga version e-Residency)” that we aim to create (*1). Since then, the penetration rate of My Number cards has become one of the top in Japan, and in addition to promoting the construction of a digital ID infrastructure, in April 2022 it was designated as a National Strategic Special Zone “Digital Rural Health Special Zone” to play a leading role in the Digital Garden City National Concept. .
In the future, we would like to work on smart cities that utilize Web 3.0 in order to further accelerate the development of e-municipalities that represent local cities in Japan. This time, we have announced the “Kaga City Web 3.0 City Concept”, and we have implemented measures unique to Kaga City, which aims to create a population of 1 million people, such as special measures as a national strategic special zone and support services for zero-cost entrepreneurship (* 2). In addition to making Web 3.0 engineers and creators widely known, we will support and support Web 3.0 initiatives in Kaga City in carrying out the demonstration of the e-Kaga citizen system, which will be announced to the press before this event. We are holding this event because we want to start laying the groundwork for the promotion of environment and community formation.
The content of the event consisted of a presentation on the “Kaga City Web 3.0 City Concept” by Satoshi Yamauchi, Chief Digital Officer of Kaga City, and a guest, Mr. Hironao Kunimitsu, CEO of Financier Co., Ltd. He will talk about the current situation and the potential for regional revitalization. In addition, the discussion was titled “Web3.0’s potential for regional revitalization and strengths unique to the region”, and the themes were 1. “Web3.0 x regional
revitalization” and 2. “Web3.0 x Kaga City”. and separately. Discussion guests include Mr. Shusaku Hayakawa, Representative Director of Ryukyu Astida Sports Club, which is working on regional revitalization through sports, and the Representative Director of Blockchain Strategic Policy Institute Co., Ltd., which contributes to the development of the blockchain industry and industry. Mr. Keiichi Hida and Mr. Fumihiko Kawamura, President and CEO of Kogia Co., Ltd., a startup within the Sony Group and a contractor for the e-Kaga Citizen Project, will join us to delve into the theme.
We will implement the contents not only in Kaga City but also in other areas as a reference for regional revitalization. Instead of focusing on solving immediate problems, this is an event where you can get hints for creating new initiatives by capturing the present through “backcasting (*3)” from the future you want.
《Event Overview》
Date and time: December 10, 2022 (Sat) 14:00-17:00 (Local opening 13:30-/Online entry start 13:50-)
* Online participants will finish at ~ 16:25.
Venue: Hotel Arrowle (Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture) / Online (Zoom webinar) Participation fee: Free
Application for participation: https://www.d4dr.jp/kagacity-web3event-221210 Application Deadline: Offline December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) noon / Online December 9, 2022 (Friday) noon
“Kaga City Web 3.0 Future Empowerment Conference-Empowering the future we want to be with backcasting-”
Event speakers:
Financier Co., Ltd. CEO Hironao Kunimitsu
Mr. Shusaku Hayakawa, Representative Director of Ryukyu Astida Sports Club Keiichi Hida, Representative Director, Blockchain Strategy and Policy Institute Co., Ltd.
Mr. Fumihiko Kawamura, President and CEO of Kogia Co., Ltd.
Kaga City Mayor Riku Miyamoto
Kaga City Chief Digital Officer Satoshi Yamauchi
General Coordinator: Kentaro Fujimoto, President of D4DR Inc. 《Program (tentative)》
・ Opening remarks: Riku Miyamoto, Mayor of Kaga City
“About the Kaga City Web 3.0 City Plan” Satoshi Yamauchi, Chief Digital Officer of Kaga City
“Current status of Web 3.0 in the world and potential for regional revitalization-financier’s efforts” Mr. Hironao Kunimitsu CEO of Financier Co., Ltd.
“Possibility of Web 3.0 in regional revitalization and strengths unique to regions”
Kentaro Fujimoto D4DR Representative Director / FPRC Chief Researcher Discussion (1) Web3.0 x Regional Revitalization
Mr. Hironao Kunimitsu / Mr. Shusaku Hayakawa
Discussion (2) Web3.0 x Kaga City
Keiichi Hida / Fumihiko Kawamura / Satoshi Yamauchi CDO
・Q&A (Online ends)
・Business card exchange (local venue only)
*1 (reference) Kaga City official website
[Press release] Japan’s first e-Kaga citizen system (Kaga version e-Residency) to be offered
https://www.city.kaga.ishikawa.jp/soshiki/seisaku_senryaku/seisaku_suishin/14/3/6698.html “Blockchain City Project 1st ‘Kaga POTAL’ ~Challenge to
e-municipalities using Resident ID~”
https://www.city.kaga.ishikawa.jp/soshiki/seisaku_senryaku/seisaku_suishin/14/5/1249.html *2 (Reference) HP of Digital College KAGA
“‘Start a business in a city with potential for challenges!’ – Start a DCK startup support package”
*3 (Reference) Backcasting and D4DR
D4DR makes full use of the knowledge that has been created through repeated research to foresee the future, and uses a backcasting approach to create scenarios by looking backwards in time from the future to create strategies with a view to 2030-2040. Support. Based on this knowledge, we have established the Future Perspective Research Center (FPRC), a think-tank department that looks at the ultra-long-term future and the short-term present from both
perspectives. I draw and send diagrams.
《D4DR company profile》
Trade name: D4DR inc.
Representative: Kentaro Fujimoto, President and Representative Director Location: (Headquarters) 2nd floor, WATANABE Building, 1-6-7 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
Established: April 17, 2002
Business description:
1. Super long-term business strategy and marketing consultation 2. Market and consumer research business
3. Support for corporate knowledge emergence, support for introduction of in-house knowledge emergence system
4. Cross-industry consortium, production of various committees, secretariat support
5. Website, SNS, EC site analysis, evaluation and production Capital: 20 million yen
URL: D4DR https://www.d4dr.jp/
Future Perspective Research Center (FPRC) https://www.d4dr.jp/fprc/ ■Press releases can also be viewed here.

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