Kagetsudo Co., Ltd. New product Released “Strawberry milk pound cake” and “Strawberry milk pound” us ing Tochiotome strawberries

Kagetsudo Co., Ltd.
[New product] Released “Strawberry milk pound cake” and “Strawberry milk pound” using Tochiotome strawberries
The popular strawberry and milk marble pound will be available again this year.
Kagetsudo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Yohei Yazumi) will release “Strawberry Milk Pound Cake” and “Strawberry Milk Pound” using Tochiotome strawberries on November 7, 2022 (Monday). ) will be released.
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It has been well received and will be released again this year! Limited time strawberry milk pound
Strawberry sweets are in high demand for the Christmas season and greenhouse cultivation season.
The “Strawberry Milk Pound Cake” released last year, which is perfect for sharing, and the “Strawberry Milk Pound”, which is a single serving type that can be easily eaten by yourself, are cute to look at and have a sweet and sour taste. We received a lot of support. In response to popular feedback, we will release the same two products for a limited time this year as well.
Marble strawberry dough and milk dough
The strawberry dough uses strawberry jam so that you can feel the scent and sweet and sour taste of strawberries.
Condensed milk from Hokkaido is used for the milk dough, giving it a rich sweetness.
By mixing the two doughs, you can enjoy the taste of strawberry milk with a good balance of sourness and sweetness.
Made with Tochiotome strawberries
We use Tochiotome strawberry jam from Tochigi Prefecture.
It takes advantage of the firm sweetness and moderate acidity that are the characteristics of Tochiotome.
【Product Summary】
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“Strawberry milk pound cake”
Sales temperature range: normal temperature
Release area: Nationwide
Contents: 9 pieces
Reference sales price: 350 yen (378 yen including tax)
[Image 3d90182-29-7f84b7864fe5aa695718-2.jpg&s3=90182-29-d6581b171a221dacbd1ca18085521a5a-2000x1374.jpg
“Strawberry Milk Pound”
Sales temperature range: normal temperature
Release area: Nationwide
Contents: 1 piece
Reference selling price: 100 yen (108 yen including tax)
【Company Profile】
Company name: Kogetsudo Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-10 Usagi, Shiratori-cho, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture President and Representative Director: Yohei Yazumi
URL: https://www.kagetsu-do.co.jp
Business description: Manufacture and sale of confectionery
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