Kakogawa City Tourism associations in 4 cities in Hyogo Prefecture are cooperating to hold the “Ojoin Digita l Stamp Rally”

Kakogawa City
Tourism associations in 4 cities in Hyogo Prefecture are cooperating to hold the “Ojoin Digital Stamp Rally”
~Historical highway around the castle ruins of Kita-Harima and Higashi-Harima~
The Kakogawa Tourist Association (Chairman: Takao Oko) in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture (Mayor: Yasuhiro Okada) has decided to build castle ruins related to the battles that took place in the Kita-Harima and Higashi-Harima regions. With the aim of having people experience the charm of each city by visiting them, we collaborated with the tourism associations of the three cities, Miki, Ono, and Kasai, which are adjacent to Kakogawa, and from April 28, 2018, we launched the “Gojoin”. ” are sold. From November 1st (Tuesday) to December 23rd (Friday), we will be holding a free-to-participate “Ojoin Digital Stamp Rally” that will take you around castle ruins and sightseeing spots.
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[Outline of “Oshiro Digital Stamp Rally”]
[Implementation period] Tuesday, November 1, 2022 to Friday, December 23, 2022 [Place of implementation] Castle ruins in Kakogawa City, Miki City, Ono City, Kasai City, etc.
[Participation fee] Free
[Participation capacity] 5,000 people
[Participation method] Participate from the QR code of the poster leaflet of the castle seal stamp rally, or from the URL on the event page of each city tourism association
[Spots] 24 spots in total *6 locations in each city (1 must-see spot in each city)
[Present] 100 people who have collected stamps from 4 must-see spots and 1 or more spots of your choice will be entered into a lottery to win a book of stamps from the castle of Harima Province and wonderful gifts from each city.
[Event page] https://www.stamprally.net/fmammakyfebyuqac
*Please check the event page for details on the spot and how to apply for gifts. [Spots in Kakogawa City (partial)]
[Image 2d84250-70-5f4b98cae504387955cf-1.png&s3=84250-70-3de962b5bf1fc1b8c98c1d103416798f-631x506.png
Todayama Kakurinji Temple
[Image 3d84250-70-bd70c4bbabea3819aeaf-2.png&s3=84250-70-058618190485963d6bd58d7d2d2afcfd-563x498.png
Kannonji Temple (Shikata Castle Ruins)
[Image 4d84250-70-c91fbac77f9b8154a07b-3.png&s3=84250-70-c8874a4d941817eef75b3068fcdf864c-651x563.png
Hioka Shrine
List of Digital Stamp Rally Spots
[Image 5d84250-70-2cd7a6ec231ea4681fff-4.png&s3=84250-70-1b9b24240f0d5744ccd24534a03edef0-856x717.png
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