KALOS BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. It’s like a weightless “3D air cushion”! Approximately 80% dispersion of body pressure, 2 models with and without graphene heater are now available! Comfortable long desk work at home or in the office! Sales start

It’s like a zero-gravity “3D air cushion”! Approximately 80% dispersion of body pressure, 2 models with and without graphene heater are now available! Comfortable long desk work at home or in the office! Sales start on Tuesday, November 15th.
It can be connected with a four-sided fastener and can be combined as you like! Equipped with a graphene heater that keeps you warm in the winter without getting stuffy in the summer, providing comfort that could not be achieved with conventional cushions! Greatly reduces the burden on the buttocks, waist and body!

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, I think that there are many people who are doing desk work at home. Even without that, Japanese people are said to be the most seated people in the world. Then wouldn’t you like to sit comfortably even a little?
* According to Australian research institutes such as the University of Sydney, the average sitting time for Japanese people is 7 hours, the longest in the world.
I understood from the survey (Source: Japan Sports Agency)

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The 3D air cushion has grooves that allow air to pass between each air cell, so it won’t get stuffy and will keep you cool in the summer. Equipped with a graphene heater for the first time in the series, it is warm and comfortable to sit in in winter. Zero gravity 3D air cushion that can be used in all seasons!
Body pressure dispersion test, international patented, reliable quality, water resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors. Crowdfunding received 719% support!
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Reason for comfort
・Keeps you cool in the summer without getting stuffy with our unique patented air cell mechanism!
・Equipped with a graphene heater to keep the seat warm and comfortable even in the cold winter! A safe heating material that saves power and does not pollute the air.
Unlike conventional electric heating wire heaters, the graphene heater gradually warms up on the surface, so it is slightly warm overall. It warms your body from the core.
・By dispersing body pressure, the burden on the buttocks, lower back, and body is greatly reduced!・・・You can sit comfortably without having to rearrange your legs, wiggle your hips, or stand up and turn your back to improve your concentration.
・The LYCRA material which is strong in water, and is comfortable! Excellent fit with excellent elastic material that is also used for sportswear.
・Freely adjust the air pressure to your favorite sitting
comfort!・・・Air pump for free adjustment of pressure and sitting comfort.
Depends on the idea
The four sides are zippered, so you can use it in a variety of ways. Connect freely and use it as a chaise longue, a sofa, or a car! You can also connect it and use it as an air mat! Not only can you use it indoors, but you can also use it freely, such as watching sports or outdoors (a popular solo camp).
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Enjoy a comfortable daily life with the highest class [zero gravity 3D air cushion] that is constantly evolving and thought out for the best comfort that makes you feel as if you are floating!
Click here to purchase ⇒ https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/kalosbeauty/             https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/kalosbeaaty/

■ About our company
Location: 7th floor, Building 28, Akihabara MF Building, 6-14-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hidekazu Takada, Representative Director Established: November 8, 2017
URL: https://www.kalos-beauty.jp/
We are a manufacturer that develops and sells products centered on beauty, lifestyle, and health.
Headed by Takada, the company’s representative, development managers from former major electrical equipment manufacturers and beauty appliance manufacturers gathered to create a product based on the vision of “making inconvenience convenient,” “creating beauty with technology,” and “reviving Japanese manufacturing.” We are also verifying based on the latest research results and expert knowledge. The company name “KALOS” means “beautiful” in Greek. The company name has the meaning of “making beauty even more beautiful with knowledge and technology.”

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