Kamata Chagyo x Sergio Collaboration product with “Red matcha” made with the only manufacturing method in Japan is now available! Limited sale until January

Quinci Co., Ltd.
[Kamata Chagyo x Sergio] Collaboration product with “Red matcha” made with the only manufacturing method in Japan is now available! [Limited sale until January]
[Realized by a collaboration proposal from Kamada Tea Industry! 】 SERGIO, famous for raw gateau chocolat, will start selling a new winter-only product, “SERGIO’s raw gateau chocolat chestnut and red matcha”!

Quinci Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Nagoya, President: Tomonaga Sawamura) will launch “SERGIO’s raw gateau” from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) as a winter limited product of the raw gateau chocolate brand “SERGIO”. Chocolat chestnut and red matcha” will be on sale. https://www.sergio-shop.jp/
[Image 1d80279-6-ff0ca6d5fa130966e436-10.png&s3=80279-6-47e76da9c24241a30fc3560c8fd734fa-1457x883.png
Since the start of sales in 2021, it has been sold out one after another in the morning of the release date, and the raw gateau chocolate “SERGIO” has become a hot topic on SNS. This time, a new product was born through a collaboration proposal from Satsumaen Kamata Tea Co., Ltd. (Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture). [Image 2d80279-6-5fdeb7bc18a93693ebef-0.jpg&s3=80279-6-250d8b03b58ba8d50e78d50a04d37ac1-2967x1978.jpg
“SERGIO Raw Gateau Chocolat Chestnut and Red Matcha” will be on sale from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) as a winter-only product. At the end of the year and Christmas, you can use it as a “reward for yourself who is working hard”, or as a “little extravagant gift” or “year-end gift” for your loved ones. It is also recommended as a “homecoming souvenir”. If you send it to your hometown or visit destination in advance, it will not be a baggage.
Commitment to “SERGIO raw gateau chocolate chestnut and red matcha” [Image 3d80279-6-470c969a4ee39c0ac925-5.jpg&s3=80279-6-0148358431fa338e9f1ec2f61d18c5f8-900x800.jpg
1. Achieved in collaboration with Kamata Tea Industry! I use “red matcha”. Kamada Chagyo’s “Red Matcha” was created under the concept of “Making black tea into Matcha”. After many years of trial and error, we finally succeeded in “making tea into tencha” using a special manufacturing method. The characteristic of the taste of Japanese black tea, which uses only carefully selected domestic tea leaves, is its rich aroma. There is no harshness or astringency left on the tongue, and the gorgeous scent and clear amber color that will make you close your eyes and enchant you will create a higher-grade elegant time. This time, we lavishly added a gem that even tea lovers nodded to the raw gateau chocolate dough so that the red matcha feeling remains.
[Image 4d80279-6-8ef491632ab0bfc6e31d-6.jpg&s3=80279-6-cceeb1a4fb8de39fd14346c91f489466-3000x2001.jpg
2. The perfect harmony with the red matcha is the whole chestnut candied simmered.
Chestnut, which is also a seasonal fruit, was selected as an ingredient that goes well with Beni Matcha. This time, in order to enjoy the original texture of the chestnuts, I boiled them with the astringent skin. The sweetness of chestnuts and the rich aroma of black tea complement each other well, creating an exquisite harmony. [Image 5d80279-6-6d2435c2d69c7f62fb27-7.jpg&s3=80279-6-4a256bb715eb2abc2dc683b703c579c4-3000x2001.jpg
3. Gluten-free “rice flour sable dough”
Although SERGIO’s raw gateau chocolate is gluten-free, it becomes sweeter and richer as it ages, so you can enjoy the change in taste and texture every time you eat it. This time, we put “rice flour sable dough” on the bottom so that you can enjoy the crispy texture. People with gluten allergies can enjoy it without worry.
It is a limited product until January 31 (Tuesday) delivery. Please take this opportunity to enjoy it together with the regular lineup. from the producer
[Image 6d80279-6-fb249e14f98f603b958b-9.jpg&s3=80279-6-ac2291d352efaee2e15ba3eb63f24d98-560x560.jpg
SERGIO’s raw gateau chocolate originated in Cremona, Italy, the holy land of violins.
Tomoe Sawamura, the brand owner and chef of SERGIO, was impressed by the deliciousness of fondente chocolata, which he learned about when he was training as a chef at Ristorante Italia in Cremona. I want people to know about it.” With this in mind, I continued to struggle through trial and error, and from July 2021, I changed the recipe to suit Japanese people and started selling it.
The newly released “SERGIO’s Raw Gateau Chocolat Chestnut and Red Matcha” will be available for a limited time until delivery on January 31, 2023 (Tuesday). Please feel free to purchase it.
“SERGIO Raw Gateau Chocolat Chestnut and Red Matcha” Product Overview [Image 7d80279-6-527e2a1054d48d2c7245-2.jpg&s3=80279-6-bd852920cdd76008876708d96bd25ffa-3000x2001.jpg

Product name: SERGIO raw gateau chocolate chestnut and red matcha Sales destination: SERGIO online shop https://www.sergio-shop.jp Manufacturer: QUINCI Co., Ltd.
Sales reservation start: From November 16, 2022 (Wednesday)
Price: 3,000 yen per bottle
Set of 2: 5,900 yen
Set of 3: 8,500 yen
Two set of chocolate & chestnut and red matcha: 5,800 yen
Matcha & chestnut and red matcha set: 5,800 yen
*All prices include tax
[Image 8d80279-6-5b3c9e9e187a7c243d15-4.jpg&s3=80279-6-3b73345dce46b1bbe8848c7b8a6b16ca-3000x2001.jpg
*(1200 yen including tax and shipping fee)
Expiration date: 30 days from the date of manufacture when frozen / 3 days after thawing in the refrigerator
Storage method: Refrigerate (store below 10°C) *After thawing, seal tightly with plastic wrap, a storage container, a storage bag, etc., and store in a vegetable room below 10°C. *Consume as soon as possible.
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sergioshop_official

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