Kanda Gaigo Group November 26th (Sat)-December 25th (Sun), 2022 Christmas in British Hills at “Britain witho ut a passport”

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November 26th (Sat)-December 25th (Sun), 2022 Christmas in British Hills at “Britain without a passport”

British Hills, an accommodation facility and international training center in Tenei Village, Fukushima Prefecture (Representative Director: Hajime Nozawa, total area of ​​73,000 tsubo, operated by Kanda Gaigo Group) will open from Saturday, November 26, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022. We will hold a “Christmas event” on both overnight stays and day trips. You can experience Christmas as if you were abroad in an exotic space wrapped in silver through activities such as activities with English speaker instructors who are always enrolled by more than 20 people. We have prepared Christmas-like activities such as making advent calendars and making
gingerbread-flavored scones that children can enjoy this year as well. Even if it is difficult to go abroad due to the effects of the new coronavirus and the depreciation of the yen, please spend a special Christmas in “the UK without a passport”.
[Image 1

2022 Christmas Event
[Image 2

Manor house at snowy night
-Romantic Christmas Until Night ~Special Christmas Accommodation Plan~- This year we have prepared three special Christmas accommodation plans that have been well received every year. Choose and book a dinner venue with a different atmosphere and enjoy a memorable Christmas dinner.
Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy special Christmas benefits that differ for each plan, as well as a free “Manor House Tour” where you can listen to the secrets hidden in each room in the manor house and the history of England.
Please spend a fantastic Christmas stay wrapped in a world of silvery white with your family, couples, and friends.
◆ 3 special Christmas accommodation plans A special course dinner that you can enjoy at your favorite dining venue
[Highland Christmas Plan] Meal venue: Refectory
A special Christmas dinner will be prepared at Refectory, the main dining room in British Hills. Refectory, which features a high vaulted ceiling, welcomes you with a large tree. It is a luxurious plan where you can fully enjoy Christmas, such as special course dinners and dinner concerts limited to this plan. Plan rates start from 31,000 yen per adult.
[Image 3

Highland Christmas Plan
[Christmas high tea dinner plan] Dining venue: Ascott Tea Room A semi-buffet dinner is served in the Ascott Tea Room, which is filled with the Christmas atmosphere and the warmth of the English
countryside. Roasted turkey is served as the main dish, and after the meal, you can enjoy the chef’s proud sweets lined up on the dessert stand. Plan rates start from 27,000 yen per adult.
[Image 4

Christmas high tea dinner plan
[Christmas Pub Dinner Plan] Meal Venue: Falstaff Pub
A Falstaff pub where you can feel the atmosphere of a pub on a street corner in England. You can enjoy your meal while warming up by the fireplace. A special Christmas dinner will be served from December 1st (Thursday) to 25th (Sunday). Plan rates start from 24,000 yen per adult.
[Image 5

Christmas pub dinner plan
◆ Christmas dinner concert where you can enjoy Christmas songs A Christmas dinner concert will be held by Aoi Tanaka, who has a wide range of music from classical music to pops and rock, and has a unique world view and a technique that makes use of his background in classical music. Rei Yamashita will also appear as a special guest on Saturday, December 24th. Enjoy high-quality music in an extraordinary space.
[Date and time]
December 17th (Sat) 20:15-21:00 Performer: Aoi Tanaka (piano) December 24th (Sat) 20:15-21:00 Performer: Aoi Tanaka (piano) Special Guest: Rei Yamashita (Chromatic Harmonica)
*It may differ from the actual schedule. Please note.
*Limited to Highland Christmas Plan
[Image 6

Aoi Tanaka
[Image 7

Rei Yamashita
◆ Santa Claus checkout
Christmas means gifts from Santa Claus. As a memory of Christmas spent in British Hills, we have prepared a small gift related to England. The contents of the present are looking forward to the day.
*Limited to Highland Christmas Plan and Christmas High Tea Dinner Plan [Date and time] 9:30 to 10:30 on the check-out day
[Place] Manor house reception
-Experience Christmas in a foreign country with all five senses ~Day trip Christmas event~-
At British Hills, we are preparing a special Christmas event full of exotic atmosphere surrounded by beautiful streets and English for day trip customers. This year again, we will be making Christmas advent calendars and cooking scones, a popular lesson. Through conversations with instructors, you can learn live English and foreign cultures naturally and enjoyably, and take home memories.
In addition, we will offer limited-time menus such as “Christmas Afternoon Tea” at Ascott Tea Room and “Pub Roast Beef Plate” at Falstaff Pub.
[Image 8

◆ Introduction of Christmas limited menu
[Christmas Afternoon Tea] December weekend & 23rd, limited quantity sale ¥3,200/person
“Christmas Afternoon Tea”, which is popular every year, will appear again this year. Please spend an elegant tea time in the cute Ascot tea room, which is reminiscent of the English countryside. We also have takeaway cakes and scones.
* Reservations are not possible / We will guide you in order of arrival. [Image 9

christmas afternoon tea
[Pub roast beef plate] December 17th (Sat) – 18th (Sun), 23rd (Fri) – 25th (Sun) ¥2,500/person
At the Falstaff Pub, which reproduces the atmosphere of a pub on a street corner in England, we will offer a Christmas-only “Pub Roast Beef Plate”. From December 1st (Thursday), Christmas cocktails will also be on sale.
* Reservations are not possible / We will guide you in order of arrival. [Image 10

Gift Shop Victorian Alley
◆ Reference
[British Hills Official HP]
[Christmas event details]
https://www.british-hills.co.jp/bh_news/detail/1510_0000009333.html 【access】
[About virus infection prevention and spread prevention measures] https://www.british-hills.co.jp/bh_news/detail/1500_0000008425.html Kanda Gaigo Group: 2-13-13 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Chairman: Motoyasu Sano
British Hills: Shibakusa 1-8, Tarao, Tenei-mura, Iwase-gun, Fukushima / President Hajime Nozawa
*All prices shown in this press release include tax.
*All photos and menus are examples.
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