Kanitori Prefecture Well Crab Campaign Media Presentation This year’s Kanitori Prefecture Well Crab Campaign has appointed Mr. Yamazaki as Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador in the presence of Mr. Takeru.

Tottori Prefecture
[Kanitori Prefecture Well Crab Campaign Media Presentation] This year’s Kanitori Prefecture Well Crab Campaign has appointed Mr. Yamazaki as Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador in the presence of Mr. Takeru.
Introducing Mr. Yamazaki’s recommended spots! The last part is a crab pose with the slogan “Welcome crab to crab prefecture!”

Tottori Prefecture, which boasts the “five top crabs in Japan” such as the largest amount of crab landed and the largest consumption of crabs in Japan, will carry out the “Kanitori Prefecture Well Crab Campaign” from September 1st (Thursday) when the ban on red snow crab fishing will be lifted. doing. Along with this, on November 15, 2022 (Tuesday), a media presentation for the Kanitori Prefecture Well Crab Campaign was held at Happoen in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
At the recital, Shinji Hirai, Governor of Tottori Prefecture, took the stage, and the guests included Yuki Ishikawa, CEO of Souzoh Co., Ltd., Rena Yamazaki, Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador for this year, and Takeru, a martial artist, as a witness. In addition to introducing the popular “Mercani Shops” where you can easily purchase Tottori prefecture’s special products, we have teamed up with “Mercari Shops” operated by Souzou Co., Ltd. We will also introduce the discount campaign of “Mercari Shops” in the presence of Mr. Takeru. Originally, Reina Yamazaki’s Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador Commissioning Ceremony and this year’s theme of “Crab x Travel” Yamazaki’s recommended course were introduced. He welcomes you!” and closed the recital.

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■ Mercani Shops, which is very popular, announces the second campaign As part of the Kanitori Prefecture Well-Kani Campaign, Tottori Prefecture and Mercari Shops have teamed up to open Mercari Shops on September 15, 2022, where you can easily purchase special products from Tottori Prefecture. Did. On September 15th, as an opening commemorative campaign, a luxurious gift campaign including Matsuba crab will be held for purchasers of Mercani Shops. Announced that it will be held from Wednesday, November 16, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022.
Ishikawa, representative of Souzou, said, “I am very happy to be able to support you as I did last time. Thank you Kanimasu! I would like to work together to spread the appeal of Tottori’s specialties and, by extension, more and more.” Governor Hirai also commented, “We will be able to take in (Tottori) not only crabs, but many other delicious things, so please come and visit us. Now is the time to get a bargain!” with a humorous comment that excited the audience. [Image 2

■Held the Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador Commissioning Ceremony, and received a surprise gift of the precious brand crab “Five Stars”! At the ceremony commissioned by Rena Yamazaki, Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador this year, Takeru, who has achieved the first three-class victory in K-1 history and is also an ambassador for Tottori Furusato, rushed in as a witness, and the voltage of the venue was also attended. increased at once.
Takeru was asked by the MC, “As a “Tottori Furusato Ambassador,” you have embarked on a new path as a martial artist. Many of the matches are held at , but I was happy to be able to play in front of the locals for the first time in a long time.” Governor Hirai also commented, “I will support Takeru-san in his future endeavors in his new stage. So please try crabbing!!” I sent an ale.
After that, Governor Hirai presented a letter of commission to Mr. Yamazaki, and furthermore, “This time, as a commemorative gift for Mr. Yamazaki, who is the ‘Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador’ and Mr. We have prepared ‘Itsukiboshi’ and the pear ‘Oshu’!” with a surprise announcement!
Mr. Yamazaki said, “I’ve never seen a crab this big, so I’m surprised by the power of this crab. I’m very honored to be appointed as Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador this time! Of Tottori Prefecture. I will do my best to convey the appeal of the restaurant.” Takeru commented, “I am very happy to have crabs that are so big that I have never eaten when I was in my hometown. I also eat pears while losing weight. It’s great because it can be done!” commented.
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■Announcement of Crab x Traveler Yamazaki’s Recommended Course Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador Reina Yamazaki then announced her recommended original Kanitori Prefecture sightseeing course. Sakaiminato Fish Park, where you can see powerful auctions;
Sakaiminato Seafood Direct Sales Center, where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood; Tottori Hanakairo, Japan’s largest flower park; The historic Kurayoshi Shirakabe Storehouses, which still retains the old townscape, and Jinpukaku, which is famous as a Western-style building from the Meiji era, are fully introduced.
Governor Hirai, who was asked by the MC about his impressions of the course, said, “It’s an honor to have you see Tottori prefecture from corner to corner. Please come!” To which Mr. Yamazaki responded, “I was only able to stay for half a day this time, but I was surprised to find that there were so many spots where I could feel the charm of Tottori Prefecture. It was a pity, but there are still many places to see, so I would like to visit again.”
■ Tasting Matsuba crab, a specialty of Tottori prefecture
After that, everyone tasted Matsuba crab, which was just released on November 6th. When the guests who enjoyed the large Matsuba crab were asked about their impressions by the MC, Takeru said, “It was so big that I couldn’t eat it if I was in my hometown, and the meat was very filling and delicious.” The meat was thick and had a rich taste, and it was very delicious.” Yamazaki said, “This is the first crab of the year! Governor Hirai, who was very satisfied and listened to his impressions, left a comment of joy, saying, “I am deeply grateful just to have everyone eat like this.”
At the end, when the MCs asked for their impressions of the
presentation, Representative Ishikawa said, “We will support you to convey the charm of Tottori Prefecture through Mercani Shops, so please continue to support us.” I participated because I am a person, but I will do my best to liven up my hometown Tottori Prefecture!Next year, I want to eat Matsuba crab and win the competition so that I can spread my wings around the world. Mr. Yamazaki said, “Thank you very much for today. ”, Governor Hirai commented, “Please come to Tottori Prefecture to eat Matsuba crab.” Finally, all the speakers did a crab pose with a V sign and shouted, “Welcome to Kanitori Prefecture, crab!” We closed the meeting.
■Others from the presentation
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Overview of Kanitori Prefecture Well Crab Campaign Media Presentation [Date and time] Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 17:00-17:50
[Venue] Happoen Nuit (1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
[Speaker] Shinji Hirai (Governor of Tottori Prefecture)
[Guest] Yuki Ishikawa (Souzou Co., Ltd. CEO)
Reina Yamazaki (Kanitori Prefecture Ambassador)
Takeru (Witness)
[Details] Greetings
Announcement of the second campaign
Ambassador Inauguration Ceremony
      Talk session
Photo session
■ Profile
Yuki Ishikawa Representative Director and CEO of Souzoh Co., Ltd. [Image 8d78201-48-82307e980c08e86e3b89-7.jpg&s3=78201-48-bdbaa2a00fbab3abf1b106d378da8556-247x248.jpg
Joined Nintendo Co., Ltd. in 2012 after graduating from the University of Tokyo. Joined Moi Co., Ltd. (TwitCasting) in 2014 and engaged in various developments and new launches. In June 2017, he joined Souzou Inc. (former) of the Mercari Group. After that, he moved to Mercari, Inc. and became VP of Product at Merpay, Inc. in July 2020. Current position from January 2021.
Rena Yamazaki TV personality, radio personality
[Image 9d78201-48-65884dcb015210860a54-8.jpg&s3=78201-48-c8d09c101adff2d49cda44431501c74a-247x264.jpg
Born May 21, 1997 (age 25).
Joined the idol group Nogizaka46 as a second generation student in 2013. After about nine years of activity, she graduated from the group in July 2022. He is expanding his range of activities in various fields, such as radio personality, variety program appearance, and web serialization.
martial arts fighter
[Image 10d78201-48-557785edd37da14da7e0-9.jpg&s3=78201-48-a720d006575054725fdf0a5d3dfe23a3-157x168.jpg
Born July 29, 1991 (age 31).
Born in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture.
Since his professional debut in 2011, he has continued to win, becoming the first K-1 player to win three classes. It is
characterized by an aggressive fighting style that continues to attack aggressively.
He also serves as the Yonago City Metropolitan Area Tourism Ambassador and Tottori Furusato Ambassador.
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