Kanjo Band will release the bonfire song “CAMPFIRE” that you want to listen to in winter on November 21st!

Camp Joshi Co., Ltd.
Kanjo Band will release the bonfire song “CAMPFIRE” that you want to listen to in winter on November 21st!
Heartwarming lyrics and music that bring smiles to people’s faces around a bonfire.

Camp Joshi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City), which develops camping-related businesses with the mission of delivering a happy and spiritually rich life with camping, has released a new song “CAMPFIRE” as a campjo band that delivers the wonders of camping through music. ” has been released for distribution.
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Let’s talk and laugh together around the bonfire
Campfires are also popular at camps.
Just looking at the fire in a daze will heal you, or the flickering of the candles will warm your heart.
This time, “CAMPFIRE”, which is the 5th single as Kanjo Band, hopes that people with various backgrounds will see one fire, warm their hearts, create smiles, and feel kindness. I sang it with all my heart. May this winter bring a little CAMPFIRE to your heart and keep you warm. release information
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Band : Kanjo Band
Vocal: Karen Hashimoto, Gacky
Lyrics: Harumi Morinaga
Music: Sally Mustang, Harumi Morinaga
Produced by Namy & Inc.
Art: Texx Art
Special Thanks: Ichikicks (Hiroyuki Ichiki)
Distribution release date: November 21, 2022
Various distribution links: https://big-up.style/L0M32H2NDH
Download: Amazon Music, iTunes Store, LINE MUSIC, etc.
Streaming: Apple Music, AWA, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc.
→︎Click here for Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Rs2pdIVPAkPKEg2EhEyqy ▶︎Click here for Apple Music
https://music.apple.com/jp/artist/camjyo-band/1580697789?l=en About Kanjo Band
[Image 3d46252-144-dce5e3e2e1cadf6e539f-1.png&s3=46252-144-b25f8a15795bb8f8c274c140601db71a-894x894.png
Karen and Gacky, who run the popular girls’ camp community “Canjo” (camping girls = Canjo) on Instagram, debuted in August 2019 as artists who sing camp songs!
Music activities are based on the themes of the fun of camping, the splendor of nature, and the preciousness of time spent with friends. ◆Canjo Band Official Website https://www.camjyo.com/camjyo_band Click here for the latest information on Kanjo Band and Kanjo https://lit.link/camjyo
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