Kanna Hashimoto x Mone Kamishiraishi W cast stage “Spirited Away” The Imperial Theater performance, which will be released for the first time, will be on sale at the Hulu store from Saturday, November 19th.

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Kanna Hashimoto x Mone Kamishiraishi W cast stage “Spirited Away” The Imperial Theater performance, which will be released for the first time, will be on sale at the Hulu store from Saturday, November 19th. Comments from Kanna Hashimoto & Mone Kamishiraishi have arrived!
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(C) ️ Toho Drama Club Mone Kamishiraishi
■ Producer Toshio Suzuki of Studio Ghibli also acclaimed! Unexpected excitement can be tasted again at the Hulu store!
The immortal masterpiece “Spirited Away”, which was written, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, is about the main character, Chihiro, who got lost in the world of eight million gods and struggles to return to the human world. An animated film that depicts the figure. When it was released in theaters in 2001, it was a record-breaking hit, with box office revenue exceeding 31.6 billion yen (according to Koko News, as of October 27, 2022). In 2003, it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Its magnificent and original world view is loved not only in Japan but also all over the world, and in February this year, Kanna Hashimoto and Mone Kamishiraishi were cast as the main character, Chihiro, and the first stage adaptation was realized. did.
The stage was adapted and directed by John Caird, who was responsible for embellishing and directing the original version of the monumental musical “Les Miserables,” and has created masterpieces that will go down in theater history. Set in a 5-meter-high, 360-degree-rotating bathhouse called “Aburaya,” the characters are brought to life using more than 50 puppets and physical expressions by a total of 32 cast members, bringing the audience into a world of surprise and
excitement. I pulled in. In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded the 47th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award (sponsored by the Motion Picture Theater Culture Association), the Kazuo Kikuta Theater Grand Prize, which recognizes outstanding achievements in popular theater. The Hulu store will exclusively distribute the performance of the stage “Spirited Away” in July this year. The viewers were flooded with passionate comments such as, “I was overwhelmed,” “I was really moved no matter how many times I watched it!” At the same time as the great response, there were many requests for re-distribution.
In response to such user feedback, it has been decided that the stage play “Spirited Away” Imperial Theater Performance, which will be unveiled for the first time*, will be distributed on the Hulu store. (*Chihiro: Mone Kamishiraishi performance will be a re-edited version that is different from the video delivered in July.)
Comments have also arrived from Kanna Hashimoto and Mone
Kamishiraishi, who double-cast as the main character Chihiro! Hashimoto, who made this work his first stage in his career, said, “Looking back on the days with the charming oil shop friends, they were gorgeous and full of dynamism, and it was like being spirited away.” Looking back, the chairman made a dignified comment, “All the bathhouses welcome the eight million gods who are customers!” Kamishiraishi also expressed his special feelings for the main stage, saying, “When I think about the time I spent with this stage, my heart still fills with love. Please get lost with Chihiro as many times as you like.” I’m talking about
One of the attractions of streaming is that you can enjoy the breath of the actors and the fantastic stage equipment up close, while maintaining the live feeling woven by the physical expression unique to the stage and the live performance of the orchestra. You can also enjoy the Hulu store on your TV screen. Any time, any place, any device, alone, with family or friends, the possibilities are endless. Please enjoy the much-talked-about stage “Spirited Away” on the big screen and full of presence at the Hulu store.
Click here for the PR video containing the stage footage:

* The Hulu store is a service that anyone can watch with no monthly fee and a billing method for each work.
▼Kanna Hashimoto Full comment▼
This work, which was the first stage for me, brought me many assets and emotions as an actor.
Under John’s direction, the days I spent with the charming oil shop mates were, even now, glorious and lively, just like being spirited away.
This time, a video work edited by John and Maoko of the stage “Spirited Away” will be distributed.
I hope that both those who came to see it and those who couldn’t come to see it will be able to see it with the intention of visiting the oil shop.
All the bathhouses welcome the 8 million gods called customers! ▼ Mone Kamishiraishi’s full comment ▼
When I think of the time I spent with this stage, my heart still fills with love.
Even though I was a performer, I always thought, “I’m not good enough!” I am happy that you can enjoy the work from a new perspective under the editing by John and Maoko.
The world of Ghibli created by real people on stage.
By all means, please get lost with Chihiro as many times as you like. ―――――――――――――――
-Delivery overview-
■ Work title
Stage “Spirited Away” (Chihiro role: Kanna Hashimoto) <https://news.hulu.jp/spirited_away/
Chihiro Kanna Hashimoto/Mone Kamishiraishi
Haku Kotaro Daigo/Hiroki Miura
Koharu Sugawara/Tomohiko Tsujimoto
Rin Chihiro’s mother Miyu Sakihi / Kaze Himeumi
Tomorowo Taguchi / Satoshi Hashimoto
Yubaba/Senba Mari Natsuki/Romi Park
Older brother, Chihiro’s father Kenya Osumi
Father Nao Yoshimura
Blue Frog Obata’s older brother
Maria Abe, Kaito Arai, Yuya Igarashi, Yoko Sakurayuki, Wataru Oshige, Riko Orii, Hiroko Kachi
Sairi Katsuki, Toshihiko Jo, Mayu Suetomi, Keiichi Tagawa, Hayato Takehiro, Saya Chinen, Hanano Teshirogi, Ayame Nakagami
Rei Hanashima, Tenbe Matsunoki, Eiji Mizuno, Mayu Musha, Yuna Hono, Yukiki Yahiro, YAMATO, Hikaru Yamano
Original: Hayao Miyazaki
Adapted by: John Caird
Co-adapted by Maoko Imai
Original Score: Joe Hisaishi
Music Supervisor/Orchestration/Arrangement: Brad Hark
Assistant Music Supervisor, Orchestration, Ableton Programming: Connor Kieran Art direction: John Bowser
Puppet Design Direction: Toby Orie
Choreography/Staging: Shigeta Ide
Lighting: Jiro Katsushiba
Sound: Koichi Yamamoto
Costumes: Sachiko Nakahara
Hair and makeup: Hiroaki Miyauchi
Video: Toshiyuki Kuriyama
Music Director/Conductor: Erika Fukasawa
Stage Director: Takashi Hojo
Assistant Director: Maoko Imai
Assistant Director: Makoto Nagai/Ryusei Onuki
Producer: Haruka Ogi
Directed by: John Caird
Cooperation: Studio Ghibli
Production: Toho Co., Ltd.
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Please register as a member at the Hulu store and log in to purchase. * Free membership registration, no monthly fee
Please check https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/articles/360049955574 for details on how to purchase/view live streaming works on the Hulu store.
◎ Payment method: credit card, PayPay, LINE Pay, points
◎ Viewable devices:
Internet-connected TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
Please check https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/articles/360047878553 for details on devices that can be viewed.
■ Precautions
・This distribution will be carried out via the Internet.
・Cancellation is not possible after purchase.
・Be sure to check the viewing method and precautions before purchasing. ・We are not responsible for any troubles caused by the customer’s viewing environment and Internet environment.
・Customers are responsible for all costs incurred for viewing (communication costs, line costs, etc.). We recommend using Wi-Fi, etc., as data traffic is expected to increase.
・The images, screens, sounds, etc. that are distributed are protected by copyright. It is prohibited to record, record, reprint, transmit, or otherwise use the footage, etc. of this live/catch-up broadcast without permission.
■Frequently asked questions about the Hulu store
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Hulu customer support
Phone number (toll-free/free): 0120-834-126 * Fixed line
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