Kanoe Co., Ltd. Fresh food early morning delivery venture completes funding of 70 million yen through third-party allotment

Kanoe Co., Ltd.
Fresh food early morning delivery venture completes funding of 70 million yen through third-party allotment
Kanoe Co., Ltd. has completed raising a total of 70 million yen for its early morning delivery service “Morning Express”. We aim to further improve service awareness and increase the number of users.
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Kanoe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”, head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo), which operates Japan’s first early morning delivery service for fresh food “Morning Express
(https://morningexpress.canoecorp.jp/)” by early morning route delivery method , Representative Director: Yuriko Hara) implemented a third-party allocation of shares with ANOBAKA No. 3 Investment Business Limited Liability Union as the lead investor. As a result, we have completed raising a total of 70 million yen, including
investments from our existing underwriters, ANRI No. 4 Investment Business Limited Liability Union and angel investors.
The Company operates “Morning Express (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”),” an early-morning delivery service for fresh food. This service is Japan’s first logistics service that utilizes the early morning hours and delivers perishable foods to customers’ doorsteps by 7:00 the next morning for orders placed by 22:00. By adopting an early-morning route delivery method that is fully placed, we can reduce the cost of delivery and make it possible to receive it conveniently in line with the busy modern society.
The funds raised this time will be used to expand store operations in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, with the aim of recognizing the service and increasing the number of users.
What is the “Early Morning Route Delivery Method”?
An efficient home delivery system that has been used in newspaper delivery. Unlike the piston home delivery method used in general delivery services, where products are delivered directly from stores to customers, the route is decided in advance and the density of delivery destinations on the route is increased, enabling low-cost and efficient home delivery.
[Underwriters this time (titles omitted, in no particular order)] ■ New shareholders
・Masaki Yamamoto
・ Mr. Kenji Endo
・ Mr. Yoshitsune Ido
■ Existing shareholders
[Comment from the underwriter]
ANOBAKA Partner Mr. Satoshi Hagitani
I actually saw the operation site, and I thought it was wonderful that the Kanoe team was improving efficiency based on quantitative data, steadily advancing business verification, and starting to grasp strong needs, so I decided to work with them this time. Although the early morning delivery model in the huge fresh food delivery market has a high degree of difficulty, we feel that it has great potential in the future, such as the solid needs at the moment and the construction of regional logistics. First of all, I would like to support ANOBAKA so that it becomes a more loved service.
ANRI Principal Junsuke Nakaji
Continuing from the last time, I made a follow-up investment. In the delivery business, there are many difficulties in various aspects. It has not changed from the beginning that it will be a hard business, but even so, the investment I made this time was based on the belief that this service, including the monthly business report, is honestly needed in the world. This is because I have seen entrepreneurs and teams working on Let’s keep working hard!
Mr. Masayoshi Yamamoto, CEO of Chatwork Co., Ltd.
As more and more products are becoming more and more e-commerce, the food sector, where freshness is important, has a high degree of difficulty. I thought that the approach of solving the problems of logistics costs and freshness from the perspective of early morning route delivery was very interesting in this area that even major e-commerce companies could not touch, so I decided to invest. Although the degree of difficulty is high, the business potential of
establishing a unique logistics infrastructure is high, and I feel that it has the potential to greatly change the lifestyle of society. 【Message from the President】
Co-founder Yuriko Hara
[Image 2d61375-7-a4b7e6520e11d187279b-0.jpg&s3=61375-7-eeaa0a32d1d67bb5465adfd3ef010229-250x224.jpg
My sons, who were 3 years old at the time, are now 6 years old and are in the first grade of elementary school. I was. With a background in the financial industry, we are truly grateful for the strong support we have received for this service, which we literally launched from scratch. And I feel even more determined to grow the company towards the next stage.
According to a survey by the Cabinet Office (*), women play 81.9% of the roles in “knowing the inventory of ingredients and daily necessities” and 85.4% in “thinking about meal menus.” At the same time, there is an increasing tendency for women to be away from home during the day due to work, nursing care, etc., making it difficult for them to receive things. Under such circumstances, our company’s system of receiving groceries in the “morning” when you or someone in your family is at home will be a new paradigm shift in food logistics. Believing in this, I intend to accelerate this project together with the team while using the funds carefully.
(*) https://www.gender.go.jp/about_danjo/whitepaper/r02/gaiyou/pdf/r02_gaiyou.pdf Co-founder Hidenori Manabe
[Image 3d61375-7-7598838413ddd2c8c5f7-1.jpg&s3=61375-7-222818b69985400a6912dc962df879c7-250x222.jpg
The new style of “order at night and receive in the morning” has been supported by core customers, and we have received feedback that “morning has become easier and the burden of shopping has decreased.” Our early morning home deliveries make our customers’ daily lives more convenient and bring smiles to their faces in the morning. To improve the efficiency of home delivery work, to enable workers to create higher value jobs and to spend their free time more abundantly. And we will connect the accumulation of small happiness to the big happiness of the world. While drawing such a grand vision, we will work together as a team with the investors who have supported us this time to tackle the issues in front of us and work hard every day.
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