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Kansei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Kansei Kogyo has finally created a landmark “water protection toilet” at the “Atsugi Mori Environmental Research Center”, a facility where you can experience “sewage”

Kansei Industry Co., Ltd.
Kansei Kogyo has finally created a landmark “water protection toilet” at the “Atsugi no Mori Environmental Research Center”, a facility where you can experience “sewage”
Aiming for regional revitalization and human resource development through the “water” environment

Kansei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Kenji Hasegawa; hereinafter referred to as Kansei Kogyo) is a research and development facility for sewer pipe management, “Atsugi-no-Mori Environmental Research Center”. We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the inspired “water protection toilet” that anyone can use.
Kansei Kogyo’s job is to carefully protect water.
And it is to create as many “water environment supporters” as possible through the water environment. In order to fulfill this mission, we opened the “Atsugi Forest Environmental Research Center” in April of this year in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. First, as the first phase of construction, we will build a research and training building to improve sewage technology, the Hasegawa Memorial Hall where you can learn about the history of sewage, a biotope and a promenade, etc., and the second phase of construction in November this year will be inspired by the sewer pipes. We have completed a “water protection toilet” that can be used freely by anyone who has received.
Through this facility, as a place where anyone can experience “sewage”, we aim to connect to the importance of water resources and secure future “water” human resources, and start full-scale activities to protect the water environment. We will continue to.
[Image 1d105097-9-1acec0df89e4af66d595-0.png&s3=105097-9-78f313fe0c6c75d2757bcbadde80db1b-1280x720.png
water protection toilet
About the “water protection toilet”
▷ Naming
The idea of ​​”a place to protect the water environment in the forest of Atsugi” is the origin.
By creating a form and space reminiscent of a cylinder (pipe), we expressed the identity of our company working on “pipe”. The plane shape of the overlapping circles creates the breadth and depth of the space, and is also connected to Kansei Kogyo’s corporate logo (K mark). By using white as the base color, we superimposed the image of “pure”. A water garden using the essence of “water” is provided, and the private room is a space where you can see the surface of the water. increase. In addition, it is the building that symbolizes Kansei Kogyo that visitors to our facility see first.
▷Features of water protection toilets
・”Tube” looking at the sky
Uses Hume pipes that are actually used for sewage pipes. Three layered structure. like being in a sewer pipe
・Private room open to “water”
Each toilet room is a space that opens wide to the water garden. A circular building floating in the air harmonizes with the water. ・Toilet for everyone
 Wheelchair-accessible restrooms, infant-friendly restrooms equipped with baby seats, and men’s toilets with urinals for infants
A restroom and a women’s restroom. An open toilet without segregation. ・Circle brought about by “yen”
We will provide a place for interaction open to local residents. The circular water garden becomes a playground for children in the summer, and the entire facility
has a circle frame that connects each other as a gathering place. [Image 2d105097-9-c6e99eb858fac1718c90-3.png&s3=105097-9-4420b07d7915f10aa6a8677cc6f5655e-1027x681.png
Private room and view from private room
[Image 3d105097-9-9fe345244d86684029d6-4.png&s3=105097-9-30dae8eb03b9e1e00bec62d48d5f7a85-1023x678.png
Hand-wash facilities
[Image 4d105097-9-aee27cef447a69181cbd-5.png&s3=105097-9-c8755413eedc64ead591d5ecc3146f87-1973x644.png
Appearance/water garden

[Image 5d105097-9-fc74e9669b9a1a819367-6.png&s3=105097-9-d8dc38aa376bf1f48e570a614b04edce-2514x785.png
Overview of the water protection toilet (company logo: K mark on the roof) Overview of the facility
Three purposes and activities at this facility
We want everyone to understand the importance of sewerage maintenance. In particular, we would like children who will be responsible for the future and people with disabilities to feel more familiar with the sewage system through facility experience and learning opportunities in the sewerage class. We will carry out activities for water infrastructure for the local community.
1. Technical training and its research and development for all people involved in sewerage
2. Evacuation sites and support base camps for residents in the event of a disaster
3. A place for hands-on experiences where you can come into contact with nature Overview of Atsugi no Mori Environmental Research Center
Facility name: Atsugi no Mori Environmental Research Center
Location: 5-1 Morinosato Wakamiya, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Facilities: Water protection toilet, research facility, Hasegawa Memorial Museum, simulated sewage pipe, promenade, biotope
     ※The 3rd phase of construction is planned in the future HP URL:
■ About Kansei Industry
Established in 1962. For about 60 years since then, we have
consistently maintained and managed “pipes” and have supported Japan’s sewerage infrastructure for half a century. The origin of our company name = Kansei Kogyo is that we specialize in managing and cleaning sewage pipe networks. In the field of sewerage inspection,
investigation, and cleaning, we develop and develop equipment such as KPRO (R), ground beaver, and ground sweeper in-house, centering on basic maintenance and management of water supply and sewage
facilities, and provide solutions to problems in sewage. I’m here. Kansei Industry aims to be a company that will continue to operate for 300 years from the perspective of customers who use water and sewage systems, and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society for the future.
[Image 6d105097-9-bff435834988a568bfc5-7.jpg&s3=105097-9-438ba36a37722912eb2189ca954d5a4a-283x82.jpg
Company name: Kansei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kenji Hasegawa, Representative Director
Head office location: 1-7-3 Kamiyoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 4, 1962
                     Business related to maintenance and management of water supply and sewerage facilities and consulting
                Business related to the design and construction of water/sewage water supply and drainage facilities and air conditioning facilities
                  HP URL:
*The information contained herein is current at the time of
publication. Please note that the content may differ from the latest information.

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