Kao Corporation (Kao Beauty Brands) A rich serum lip balm that adheres to the lips and fills them with moistur e. “Alblanc Lip Serum Balm” Appears-New Release on Saturday, November 12, 2022-

Kao Corporation (Kao Beauty Brands)
A rich serum lip balm that adheres to the lips and fills them with moisture. “Alblanc Lip Serum Balm” Appears-New Release on Saturday, November 12, 2022-

Since its birth in 2004, ALBLANC, which has been focusing on “beauty that people notice” with the ideal of “translucent and bright skin full of moisture”, adheres and fills with moisture, brightening even the impression of the face. From Saturday, November 12, 2022, we will release “Alblanc Lip Serum Balm”, a rich serum lip balm that leads to glossy lips that you can feel.
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ALBLANC Product detail page:
≪Release Background≫
Dry, dull, and lackluster lips make the entire face look darker. In fact, there are many voices that are heard in relation to the impression of the lips and the brightness of the face, such as “If the lips are dark, the complexion looks bad.” In this way, lips have a large effect on the brightness of the entire face, so Alblanc has worked on lip care with the concept of lustrous*1 lips that fill the lips with moisture and make the face look brighter. rice field. ≪Increased awareness of lip care≫
As for consumer trends for lip balms, there is an increasing number of lip problems such as dryness due to masks, which have become normal, and there is a growing need for lip balms to “prevent roughness due to dryness” and “highly moisturizing.” There is also a growing awareness of lip care, such as applying lipstick before going to bed.
“Alblanc Lip Serum Balm” contains “moisturizing ingredients that moisturize” lips that are prone to dryness, and is a “rich balm-like agent with high adhesion” that brightens even the impression around the face. It leads to beautiful lips.
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* 1 Depending on the makeup effect
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[Product information]
Alblanc Lip Serum Balm
On sale November 12, 2022
7g 1,980 yen including tax
*Prices shown are suggested retail prices.
〇Blanc care ingredient II (moisturizing) *² formulation: Moisturizes and leads to a bright, translucent look.
〇 Contains ceramide care *³ ingredients (moisturizing)
〇Contains vitamin E (moisturizer)
*2 Eucalyptus extract, carrot extract, altea extract
*3 Care that protects and supplements the function of ceramide and provides moisture
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-Product features-
Ingredients that gently moisturize dry lips
The stratum corneum is thinner than the skin on the lips, and there are few sebaceous glands and no sweat glands, so there is no sebum membrane. And because the barrier function that protects moisture is low, it is a structure that allows moisture to evaporate easily. The drying speed is 5 times faster than cheeks, and it is very easy to dry.
In addition, dry and chapped lips are difficult to reach with cream, etc., so they are not able to cover every corner, and moisture escapes, causing repeated dryness. Therefore, in addition to Alblanc’s unique moisturizing ingredient Blanca Care II, which is included in many of Alblanc’s skin care products, we added ceramide care*³ as a serum ingredient.
A high-adherence serum balm that deeply moisturizes the stratum corneum Dry lips have uneven surfaces due to dullness and wrinkles. Therefore, it is difficult for lip balm to reach deep into the stratum corneum. “Alblanc Lip Serum Balm” uses a highly adhesive and soft balm that adheres well to the fine unevenness of the lips.
Compared to general wax formulations that have large corners, the lip serum balm formulation has no corners and is very fine, so it is possible to combine a large amount of wax. Also, by making it finer, it has a higher adhesion to the lips. Another major feature is that although it is a balm, it has a soft texture that is almost like a serum. Penetrates deep into the fine grooves of dry, chapped lips, moisturizing and smoothing them.
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-Care method-
It can be used before applying lip makeup during the day, or as a night pack to keep your lips moisturized until the next morning. [Image 6d72864-83-c5a667ead12c13dbe14b-5.jpg&s3=72864-83-5c7d8c0696b6e278c16645f3140b3edd-1050x550.jpg
[Image 7d72864-83-8bab1ee71679f6a87738-6.jpg&s3=72864-83-4c844e807b7e376d2b8b319334b9f67c-1050x550.jpg
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