Kappa Create Co., Ltd. “Sea urchin wrap” and “Torotaku wrap” are 100 yen each (110 yen including tax) ! Kappa Sushi boasts “sea urchin & fatty tuna”!

Kappa Create Co., Ltd.
“Sea urchin wrap” and “Torotaku wrap” are 100 yen each (110 yen including tax)! Kappa Sushi boasts “sea urchin & fatty tuna”! From Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at all Kappa Sushi stores

Colowide Group Kappa Sushi (Kappa Create Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) will hold the “Kappa no Unitoro Festival” from November 22nd (Tuesday) to December 12th (Monday), 2022. I will.
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This winter, Kappa Sushi is offering high-end sea urchin and fatty tuna at a reasonable price! Among them, the “three types of wraps”, which are specially prepared for 110 yen (tax included) unique to Kappa Sushi, are the recommended products for this fair.
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We have prepared a set of “Sea Urchin Wrapped” for 110 yen (including tax) so that customers can enjoy “Uni”, which is known as a luxury ingredient! This product, which was offered for a limited time in July and October of this year, was well received by many customers. In response to customer feedback, we have carefully selected the rich “uni” and are particular about the price. Please enjoy this
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In the “Toro” product, you can enjoy the “Toro Takumi”, which is a perfect match with the “Toro” of the luxury fish “Minami Tuna” cut in the store, and the taste of the soul food “Soy Sauce Mame” of Nagano Prefecture, the birthplace of Kappa Sushi. We have prepared two products inspired by “Toro Soy Sauce Bean Style Wrap”. Kappa Sushi’s unique “Toro” product will be delivered for 110 yen (tax included)! In addition, there is the [Oban Beef Kalbi Uni Topped with Sea Urchin], which has a rich taste of sea urchin on beef ribs grilled directly in the store, and the [Sea Urchin and Salmon Chawanmushi], which combines sea urchin and salmon roe, which is a perfect match for chawanmushi, which is carefully prepared in the store. Please enjoy the gorgeous lineup of “Kappa no Uni Toro Festival” where you can enjoy plenty of sea urchin and toro at Kappa Sushi near you.

“Kappa no Unitoro Festival” product details
・ Sales period: Scheduled for November 22nd (Tuesday) to December 12th (Monday), 2022
・Available at: All Kappa Sushi stores
・URL: https://www.kappasushi.jp/cp/2022/fair11_2
・Product Details: *Prices include in-store tax.
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“Sea urchin wrapped”
110 yen (tax included)
*Limited to eating and drinking in the store
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“Toro Soy Sauce Bean Style Wrap”
110 yen (tax included)
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“Torotaku wrap”
110 yen (tax included)
[Image 7

“Uni Gunkan”
Two pieces 330 yen (tax included)
[Image 9

“Large size beef ribs on top of sea urchin”
330 yen (tax included)
[Image 10

“Tsukimi Beef Kalbi”
Two pieces 220 yen (tax included)
[Image 12



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