KDDI Evolva KDDI Evolva receives the highest rank of “Gold” in the “PRIDE Index” for evaluating LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace for the third consecutive year

KDDI Evolva
KDDI Evolva receives the highest rank of “Gold” for the third consecutive year in the “PRIDE Index”, which evaluates LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace

KDDI Evolva Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hajime Wakatsuki, hereinafter referred to as KDDI Evolva) is an initiative related to sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+ (hereinafter referred to as LGBTQ+) in the workplace formulated by the voluntary organization work with Pride. In the evaluation index “PRIDE index 2022” * 1, we received the highest rank “Gold”.
This is the third year in a row that KDDI Evolva has been awarded the “Gold” award.
Work style reform: 2021 Award: ◎ Notes
*1. “PRIDE index” refers to the fact that this index is used as a guideline for promoting internal measures within each company, and that companies that are excellent in their efforts regarding “LGBTQ+” are commended to make good efforts possible. It is an indicator formulated by the voluntary organization “work with Pride” in June 2016 with the aim of widely recognizing specific methods for creating a workplace where “LGBTQ+” people can work comfortably by disclosing the range. This year marks the 7th time.
*2. A person who supports and acts on LGBTQ+.
*3. In Japan, same-sex partners are not legally married, so there is the issue that one of the same-sex partners cannot have custody of the child. The “Familyship System” is a system for employees with same-sex partners that KDDI Corporation started in June 2020. Although they are not legally considered children, they were named “Familyship” with the idea that they should be treated like family members within the company. KDDI Evolva will introduce this system to all employees from August 2020, treat same-sex partner “children” as “family”, and apply equally internal systems such as childcare leave, child nursing leave, and various allowances. doing.
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