Keio Plaza Hotel Hotel’s small “museum” Lobby gallery exhibition schedule

Keio Plaza Hotel
Hotel’s small “museum” Lobby gallery exhibition schedule
December 2022

In the lobby of the Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo: Nishi-Shinjuku, President: Katsumasa Wakabayashi), there is a small “museum” and “lobby gallery” that mainly display and introduce the works of currently active artists. We will show you the exhibition schedule next month. Please enjoy interacting with art in a calming interior. [Image 1

Drawing “Into the Dream” Yumi Tanaka Exhibition December 1st (Thursday) – 10th (Saturday)
[Image 2

From heartwarming works of calligraphy, ink painting, and ink painting, to glass paintings, contemporary art and accessories using mixed media techniques. Please take a look at the warm works that convey the excitement of drawing and creating.
Hiroko Arai Scenery of Light / Italy -L’ITALIA della Luce- December 14th (Wednesday) to 23rd (Friday)
[Image 3

The canals of Venice, the sea of ​​Amalfi, the everyday scenery of the city… Yuko Arai draws with her feelings for Italy. From large acrylic gouache works to small watercolor works, please enjoy the enchanting scenes filled with light.
Depicting the beautiful life of plants The 52nd Japan Botanical Art Exhibition December 28 (Wednesday) – January 5, 2023 (Thursday) [Image 4

Botanical art that carefully observes beautiful flowers and draws them accurately and precisely from a botanical perspective. Please enjoy the profound charm of botanical paintings, which originally developed from “picture books”.
*Exhibition hours are from 10:00 to 17:00 (until 15:00 on the last day) *Some works of the “Yumi Tanaka Exhibition” can be purchased from the online shop from 10 days before the exhibition schedule to 10 days after the exhibition ends.
Lobby Gallery URL: Inquiries: (03) 5322-8061 [Lobby Gallery Direct]
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