Kenko Kazoku Co., Ltd. Certified as No. 1 in sales in Japan for 20 consecutive years! Familiar health family

Kenko Kazoku Co., Ltd.
Certified as No. 1 in sales in Japan for 20 consecutive years! -Traditional Garlic Egg Yolk-Familiar Health Family
~ Garlic health food using the original brand “King of Garlic”
Kenko Kazoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiranomachi, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture; Representative Director: Tomoko Fuji) sells health foods made from organically grown garlic. This time, the sales of garlic health food (traditional garlic egg yolk, pot-made aged black vinegar garlic, garlic ginger, etc.) have achieved the great achievement of achieving the highest sales in Japan for 20 consecutive years. [Fuji Keizai “H・B Foods Marketing Handbook” Functional food category containing garlic ingredients (2002-2021 results)]
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▲ “Garlic health food” for healthy families that supports the health of families nationwide
■ The originator of “garlic egg yolk” celebrating its 30th anniversary since its release
Garlic has been eaten by many people since ancient Egypt. In modern times, it is used as a particularly important health ingredient not only in cooking but also in health foods. Kenko Kazoku has achieved the unprecedented feat of being the best-selling garlic health food in Japan for 20 years. The most supportive factor in maintaining that unwavering trust and track record is the presence of the Traditional Garlic Egg Yolk, which was launched in 1993. This -traditional garlic egg yolk- has sold over 150 million bags (as of August 2022). If the grains were lined up, it would be equivalent to the distance of 1.8 times around the earth (normal type 1.6 cm x 31 grains x 150 million bags = 74,400 km). The numbers are unimaginable. Garlic egg yolk is now widely known, but did you know that this healthy family
-traditional garlic egg yolk- is the originator? Released in 1993, this year marks its 30th anniversary. Why has it been loved by people all over Japan for so long?
■ Healthy family “garlic health food” that continues to evolve based on customer feedback
Kenko Kazoku, which upholds the principle of “customer first”, has continued to evolve -traditional garlic egg yolk- with the times while listening to the voices of customers. This is exactly where the long-selling secret is hidden. In 1997, we released a “small grain type” that is easy to drink for children and the elderly. In 2004, we created a “granule type” that is easy to swallow even for those who do not like capsules and can be used for cooking. In 2005, in response to consumers’ wishes for safety from the outbreak of mad cow disease, we adopted Japan’s first “vegetable soft capsules”. Then, in 2017, in response to the growing health consciousness, we were particular about the oil necessary for filling the capsules, and started using linseed oil, which is rich in α-linolenic acid. In addition, we received inquiries from athletes who were concerned about doping, asking, “Is it okay to drink traditional garlic egg yolk?” In addition, the evolution is wide-ranging, such as making it easier to open the package.
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▲Current-traditional garlic egg yolk-package
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▲ Initial package
Furthermore, in 2007, in order to meet a wide range of needs, we launched Yume no Ninniku (currently Garlic Ginger), which was manufactured using a low-odor manufacturing method as a “new form of garlic” that can be drunk without worrying about the smell of garlic. In 2012, on “Garlic Day (February 29th)” established by Kenko Kazoku, aged black vinegar garlic (currently Tsutsukuri Aged Black Vinegar Garlic) was born to support health and beauty. In 2019, we launched a premium version of garlic egg yolk -Traditional Garlic Egg Yolk Kiwami- that enhances the experience in response to the voices of customers saying, “It’s better to drink less grains” and “I want to take more healthful foods.” . It contains more than twice as much GSAC, the revitalizing ingredient of garlic, as conventional products, and contains essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, which modern people tend to lack.
In this way, the health family’s “garlic health food” that continues to evolve in various ways can be found on the official website
■ To deliver peace of mind…Use domestically grown organic “King of Garlic” This is not the only reason why Kenko Kazoku’s Garlic Health Food is the number one choice in Japan. Stubbornly following the belief of the founder, Sosuke Honda, that “what you eat for your health, the ingredients themselves must be healthy.” The secret to its popularity is the safety and security of using the original brand “King of Garlic” that has been cultivated as a raw material.
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▲Kenko Kazoku Original Brand “Ninniku Ou”
Garlic is susceptible to disease, and even experts have said that it is impossible to grow it on a large scale without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In 2003, Honda started by owning a field and growing organic garlic. Despite facing many difficulties, Honda poured his passion and affection into organic garlic cultivation, and devoted his life to creating the original brand “King of Garlic”.
In 2010, all fields acquired “organic JAS certification”. Only 0.27% of Japan’s agricultural land area is organic JAS certified land (as of April 1, 2020). Among them, only a few fields are growing garlic. Grown in a rare field, Garlic King is not only safe and secure, but it also contains more than three times as much GSAC, a useful component found in garlic, compared to imported garlic.
Healthy Family will continue to support the health promotion of families all over Japan with the ever-evolving “garlic health products” for the next 50 to 100 years.
■ Healthy family
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