Kibun Shokuhin Co., Ltd. The 3rd event ~ Bookstore “Yurindo” x writer “Keiko Yamaguchi” x food manufacturer “Kibun Shokuhin” will hold a Osechi-making demonstration

Kibun Foods Co., Ltd.
The 3rd event: Bookstore “Yurindo” x author “Keiko ” x food manufacturer “Kibun Shokuhin” will hold a [Osechi-making
December 3 Demonstration of “ Family New Year’s New Year” and “Kibun no Kazarikiri” at “Eslite Spectrum Nihonbashi”

Yurindo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Kentaro Matsunobu) and Kibun Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Tsutsumi) announced that on Saturday, December 3, 2022, Keiko (hereafter, ), a writer known for her novel series “Konkatsu Shokudo”, will be held at “Eslite Spectrum Nihonbashi” (operated by Yurindo). A teacher will demonstrate how to make osechi dishes and Kibun Shokuhin will demonstrate how to cut kamaboko. This project is the third in a three-month series that aims to disseminate Japanese food culture through the medium of novels, with the theme of “connecting food, books and people.”
■ Bookstores, writers, and food manufacturers cooperate to “connect food, books, and people”
The purpose of this three-month event is to have people enjoy Japanese food culture through books, by holding talk shows and tasting parties related to the dishes that appear in the novels. Kibun Foods, which manufactures oden ingredients, is the purpose of this event to provide “Oden”, the representative dish of “Megumi Shokudo”, which is the stage of Mr. ’s novel “Konkatsu Shokudo”. We agreed and proceeded with the plan together. Bookstores, writers, and food manufacturers cooperated to hold an event to let people feel the joy of gathering and eating by disseminating Japanese food culture such as “Oden” and “Osechi cuisine”. .
Demonstration of “Osechi cuisine” actually made at Mr. ’s home  This time, the last of the three-month project, Mr. himself will prepare “Osechi cuisine”, which is a traditional Japanese food culture.
A cooking demonstration will be held. This time, we will make two dishes from the osechi dishes that are made every year at home: “Chicken Galantine” and “Salmon Namasu”.
[Image 1

chicken galantine
[Image 2

Salmon Namasu
■ At the event, we will also distribute recipe cards for the dishes that appear in the “Marriage Cafeteria”
We will distribute cards to event participants with 3 types of recipes using auspicious ingredients from the dishes that appear in the novel “Konkatsu Shokudo” series.
・Recipe card publication contents (PHP Institute research)
[Table 2: ]
Kibun Shokuhin’s “Kamaboko no Kamaboko” demonstration
Kibun Shokuhin’s cooking communicators will demonstrate how to decorate next year’s zodiac “rabbit” and gorgeous “peacock”. In addition, there is an exhibition corner for “Decoration of the Zodiac” as shown in the photo below.
[Image 3

Kamaboko zodiac decoration
■ Overview of the 3rd event
Event name: [Talk & Cooking Event] “ Family New Year’s New Year” created by Keiko , author of “Marriage Cafeteria” and “Kamaboko Kamaboko” by Kibun Foods
●Date and time: December 3, 2022 (Sat) 11:30-13:00 (end time subject to change) ●Venue: Eslite spectrum Nihonbashi “COOKING STUDIO”
●Details: Mr. will demonstrate the family’s New Year dishes. Also, for the New Year, you can see a demonstration of “kamaboko kamaboko” by Kibun Foods.
Participation fee: 500 yen (tax included)
● How to apply: Please apply from the event application site “Peatix” at the URL below.
Peatix URL:
* Application deadline: Friday, December 2, 18:00
* Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the event or tasting may be canceled or the contents of the tasting may change. ■ Reference materials
●Profile of Keiko
Born in Tokyo in 1958. After working as a plot writer, he made his debut as a writer in 2007 with “Jakken Shumatsu”. In 2013, he won the Seicho Matsumoto Award for “Tsukishita Shanghai”. His major
publications include “Shokudou no Obachan”, “Konkatsu Shokudo” series, “Koi Katami”, and “Yurei Izakaya”.
● What is “Konkatsu Shokudo”?
A series of short stories set in the “Megumi Shokudo” in Yotsuya, Tokyo, an oden restaurant run by the proprietress Megumi alone. Megumi, a former popular fortune teller, has lost her ability to see due to certain circumstances, but as she interacts with regular customers who have various troubles in marriage, she is able to see the relationship between men and women. –. A heart-warming story that is sometimes bittersweet. As of November 2022, 8 volumes are being published from PHP Bungei Bunko.
[Image 4d4204-17-361fe42d83900e96f59b-1.jpg&s3=4204-17-fe6adaaa5d97731b8bac18517b833390-1447x2067.jpg
“Katsukatsu Shokudo” Volume 8
●For the first event, please check the press release below. ●For the second event, please check the press release below.

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