Kids Mob Co., Ltd. Very popular with children! Gymnastics class LUNA STUDIO Start developing an in-house training/training program to improve the teaching skills of instructors!

Kids Mob Co., Ltd.
Very popular with children! Gymnastics class [LUNA STUDIO] Start developing an in-house training/training program to improve the teaching skills of instructors!
Notice of start of development of in-house training/training program
Kids Mob Co., Ltd. operates gymnastics classes “LUNA STUDIO” in Ota Ward and Setagaya Ward based on the philosophy of “enriching family time with the smiles of children”. In order to improve the
instructor’s teaching ability, we have started developing an in-house training / development program.
Kids Mob Co., Ltd. (Location: Ota-ku, Tokyo) has started developing an in-house training / development program to improve the teaching ability of instructors, aiming for a better working environment for employees.
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Contents of our in-house training/development programs
In managing the classroom, I think it is important to aim for an environment where not only the students but also the working staff feel comfortable working. For that reason, the in-house training system that we are doing at the moment to prepare the working environment can be roughly divided into the following three. ・Onboarding
・Introductory training for 9 days
・Practice session
The purpose of these three trainings is to promote the staff’s understanding of the company and work content, and to improve motivation. We believe that by working closely with the staff and removing the anxiety factor, we can work more comfortably.
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Background to the development of our in-house training/development program The background to our company’s in-house training/development program ・Eliminate the shortage of human resources by relaxing the system that depends on individual skills
・Creating a system for multi-store development
・Creating a system to reduce educational costs
・Designing the concept of “people” in a labor-intensive service model ・Formation of self-awareness of the meaning of one’s work
・Increase motivation by matching goals and objectives
I can give you the above points.
As for the training program itself, we will proceed with the introductory training, and we will revise it while implementing it, and we will make it even better. In the future, through in-house training and development programs, we aim to create a highly satisfying environment where not only students but also working staff feel comfortable working.
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LUNA STUDIO is a gymnastics class for children, with classes divided into four age groups: “pre-kids,” “kids,” “juniors,” and “teens.” The gymnastics you can learn in the studio will be the foundation of your physical ability, and the experience of “I can do it!” and the feeling of “I’m having fun!”
While having fun moving your body with your friends, let’s give a present to your future self in this unique time.
It is with this in mind that I approach every lesson.
Fun lessons tailored to your level
2 Fun equipment that you cannot experience in everyday life
3 Instructor’s gymnastics skills and teaching ability are high 4 Easy-to-commute transfer system
LUNA STUDIO has the above four attractions that allow students to take lessons in a relaxed and fulfilling environment.
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About the store
LUNA STUDIO has a total of three classrooms in Tokyo: Minami Senzoku, Unoki, and Shoin Shrine.
・Minami Senzoku School
Address: Minamisenzoku Building 3F, 1-4-4 Minamisenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo Nearest station: 2-minute walk from Nagahara Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line 8-minute walk from Kitasenzoku Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line Parking lot ☓Bicycle parking lot○
Correspondence genre: “pre-kids” “kids” “junior” “teen”
・Unoki school
Address: Unoki Garden 3F, 2-15-3 Unoki, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: 30-second walk from Unoki Station on the Tokyu Tamagawa Line Parking lot ☓ Bicycle parking lot ☓
Correspondence genre: “pre-kids” “kids” “junior” “teen”
・Shoin Shrine front school
Address: 4-1-14 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Lower Shoin 3F
Nearest station: 3-minute walk from Shoin Jinja-mae Station on the Tokyu Setagaya Line
Parking lot ☓ Bicycle parking lot ☓
Correspondence genre: “pre-kids” “kids” “junior”
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About us
We are developing a business for children based on the philosophy of “enriching family time with children’s smiles”. In order to support exercise, which is essential for children’s growth, we started with gymnastics classes, dance classes, and develop and sell Kids Mob Protein in-house.
Company name: Kids Mob Co., Ltd.
Established: May 1, 2020
Representative Director: Keito Kanamori
Capital: 15 million yen
Location: 1-15-5 Minamisenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Children’s gymnastics class/dance class business/D2C brand business
Number of employees: 40 (including part-time workers)
Company HP:
LUNA business:
Person in charge: Satoshi Abe

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