#Kimono Nails #New Year’s Nails #Event Nails Create your favorite colors for your special day. “Hare collection”, a collection that easily and gorgeously colors the coming special scene

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#Kimono Nails #New Year’s Nails #Event Nails Create your favorite colors for your special day. “Hare collection”, a collection that easily and gorgeously colors the coming special scene
-Released on November 21st (Monday)-

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From ohora, the “Hare collection” will be released on November 21st (Monday) with the concept of easily and gorgeously coloring your special Hare day. This series features gorgeous designs that are active in the event scene, such as #kimono nails, New Year nails, and event nails. The pure brilliance of clear and white pearls is combined with a design that uses gold that sparkles with each fingertip movement, and elegant gradation colors that create an elegant image. Match your mood with fashion.
Coming events after the holiday season “#Coming-of-Age Ceremony” and “#Graduation Ceremony”. According to the results of our survey, “I want to enjoy my nails as much as I do my makeup”, “I don’t know what nails are suitable for a kimono, but I want to dress my nails properly”, and “I don’t have to worry about the shape of my nails.” I want to show it beautifully.” With a full-fledged gel nail tip that can be extended in just 5 minutes, you can spend a special day with ohora. Please take this opportunity to try the “Hare collection”, which has a sense of cleanliness and gorgeousness!
About gel nail tips
The unprecedented gel nail tip made with real gel using original technology became a hot topic immediately after its release, and it is a very popular product with cumulative sales exceeding 23,000 in just one month after its launch. “Gel nail tip”, which is completed in 5 minutes after sticking and hardening, has become a hot topic as “#5min gel nail”!
In addition to a wide variety of designs, “gel nail tips” are available in a variety of tip lengths and nail shapes. There are two types of length: long and medium. There are two types of shapes: the “Coffin”, which is slim and three-dimensionally designed to reach the fingertips, and the “Round Square”, which has a natural curve. *The Hare collection has a “medium” length and a “round square” shape. Hare collection -NEW-
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N Muku ¥3,500
Elegance nails that highlight the charm of adults.
Elegant beauty like a silk fabric woven with gold and silver threads. The calm and clear color makes you feel mature and sophisticated, and the flower point nails painted in gold add glamor. It is also fashionable to match with a mannish suit style.
[Gel Nail Tip/Medium/Round Square]
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N Akatsuki ¥3,500
Gradation nails that make the color bleed on your fingertips. The gradation of red like the sky at dawn is accented with shells and glitter. A design that makes you feel strength and beauty will support your new journey. It blends well with the skin and has an excellent effect of making your fingertips look beautiful and supple.
[Gel Nail Tip/Medium/Round Square]
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N Akatsuki ¥3,500
White nails that express innocent beauty.
Clear, white pearls, and the pure brilliance of the shell are accented with gold. Every time you move your fingertips, it reflects light and creates a clean and gorgeous look. It goes well with not only kimonos but also dresses.
[Gel Nail Tip/Medium/Round Square]
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[Image 6d77997-28-e99f2fc9b5c6cd17e3cd-5.jpg&s3=77997-28-c45746f3748e278cb6a26c9aef954b7c-1800x2700.jpg

About ohora
Landed in Japan in 2021 with the concept of “Easy self-use” semi-cure gel “, which is very popular in Korea!”
After landing, it has received attention, such as winning the best cosmetics in each domestic media.
“Semi-cure gel” is a gel nail in which only about 60% of 100% of the actual liquid gel nail is cured, and this unique technology has been patented in Japan, Korea, China, the United States, and Europe. The difference from conventional nail stickers is that they are soft and stretchy, making them easy to fit on nails of any shape and size. (*A gel lamp is required for finishing) The 3-layer gel structure of base, color, and top achieves a more vivid color and gloss, and a plump and voluminous feel unique to gel.
It is a new sensation item that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the finish unique to real gel while maintaining salon quality and ease of use.
■ Brand overview
Name: ohora
Official website: https://ohora.co.jp/
SNS: Instagram: @ohora_jp (https://www.instagram.com/ohora_jp) Twitter: @ohora_jp (https://twitter.com/ohora_jp)
YouTube: ohora_jp (https://bit.ly/3gq6cjt)

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