Kinnotake Hakone Kinnotake Tonosawa accommodation experience gift

Hakone Kinnotake Tonosawa stay experience gift
An SNS posting campaign will start in December 2022 as part of the 10th anniversary project.

Kinnotake Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakone-machi, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Kei Kubosawa, hereinafter referred to as Kinnotake), which operates five inns and two restaurants in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, will open the inn facility “Kinnotake Tono” in July 2023. Sawa” celebrates its 10th anniversary. To express our gratitude to our customers, from December 2022, we will start an Instagram posting campaign where you can win a free stay at Kinnotake Tonosawa. [Image 1d97935-21-f1234d58492e7b21c6f7-2.png&s3=97935-21-3947b2dc30ec227ddb21ac8f3a1a5ea8-1920x1440.png

|About the 10th anniversary event campaign
Since its opening in 2013, Kinnotake Tonosawa has welcomed
approximately 95,000 visitors (72% of domestic tourists and 28% of inbound tourists). We are holding events and campaigns every month for 10 months from November 2022 to August 2023 with gratitude so far. From December 2022, we will invite one group of two people each month to Kinnotake Tonosawa for free in an Instagram posting campaign. Details:
|About Kinnotake Tonosawa
Cross the suspension bridge over the valley and welcome to the “Healing Forest Tonosawa”. Against the background of the vast nature of about 20,000 tsubo of land area, we provide a discerning space to blend into the nature of Hakone Tonosawa. Based on the idea of ​​a no-line resort, we have realized the meaning of not drawing any lines in all aspects of service, space, and environment, making it the ultimate healing ryokan facility where you can feel the nature of Hakone Tonosawa. . There are 8 types of guest rooms, 23 of which are all equipped with open-air baths.
[Image 2d97935-21-3a7ead411260cb2edc3c-1.jpg&s3=97935-21-5716f2799c7cf2e09a27f444eebc90fc-3738x1121.jpg
|Kinnotake Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1947. The second generation Kubosawa took over the business in 1999. At that time, Fujiso (the predecessor of Kinnotake) was a so-called “old-fashioned guest house”, with eight guest rooms, the slippers provided at the entrance were vinyl slippers used in the toilet, and the room occupancy rate was only about 23% every day. , sales were only about 25 million yen a year. Kubosawa himself created two private open-air baths and an open-air bath in the guest room, embodying the concept of Taketori Monogatari. Then, day in and day out, I devoted myself to devising food menus that customers would enjoy eating. As a result, we were able to transform the
“old-fashioned guesthouse” into a popular inn with a full occupancy every day in four years due to the reputation of the private open-air bath and cuisine. And now, we have achieved +18% growth over the past five years, including the corona crisis. Our motto is to “provide excitement every day, ten years from now”. We provide a luxurious space, food, and service for adults who are attracting attention for their business and who are lacking playfulness to spend precious time with their loved ones without worrying about others.
|Company Profile
Company name: Kinnotake Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 817 Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi,
Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
Established: 1947
Representative: Director Kei Kubosawa
Business description: Inn operation business / restaurant business ********************************
Inquiries regarding news releases
Kinnotake Co., Ltd.
Corporate Planning Office Public Relations: Yawata
TEL: 0465-24-3635

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