Kinoshita Dyeing Factory Co., Ltd. Taking advantage of customer feedback, we have released a new cold-resistant knit for the shoulders and abdomen that pursues coldness, comfort, and practicality!

Kinoshita Dye Factory Co., Ltd.
Taking advantage of customer feedback, we have released a new cold-prevention knit for the shoulders and stomach that pursues coldness, comfort, and practicality!
Warm knit made by a stomach wrap shop introduced in the unknown world of TBS Matsuko

Kinoshita Dye Factory Co., Ltd. Como de sukoyaka (Headquarters: Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture; President: Shigenori Kinoshita) offers a new product for those who suffer from cold sensitivity: cashmere (70%) and silk (30%) halls. Garment knit and silk (100%) whole garment knit will be on sale from November 29th. Kinoshita Senkoujo Co., Ltd. has cultivated technology for many years in the manufacture of inner fabrics. Among them, the mail-order store Como de sukoyaka has won the Rakuten Ichiba Monthly Excellent Shop Award many times, and has received many high evaluations, including more than 6,940 reviews. it was done.
Using skin-friendly silk and cashmere, this warm knitwear is gentle on the skin and utilizes the “Whole Garment” technology, which has been called “Oriental magic” by overseas designers. Furthermore, the same technology reduces yarn loss to 0, contributing to CO2 reduction and SDGs.
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Mail order site URL: * The release date of this product will be from November 29, 2022. point!
From an overseas designer who makes it in one time with one thread Utilizing WHOLEGARMENT technology, known as the “Magic of the East” It has no seams and uses silk and cashmere that are gentle on the skin, so it has excellent heat retention and comfort.
・Developed based on the voices of customers who are sensitive to cold Pursuing warmth because we have been manufacturing inner fabrics and bellybands for many years. Followed by thickening the fabric on the stomach and shoulders, which many customers said when it got cold. ■ Product introduction
1. Cashmere (70%) & Silk (30%) Whole Garment Knit
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Knitwear that combines cashmere, called the gem of fibers, and silk, called the queen of fibers. It has the warmth of cashmere, the breathability and moisture absorption of silk, and the luxurious softness of cashmere. 15,000 yen (16,500 yen including tax)
Color: Black, Beige, Gray / Size: SML
2. Silk (100%) whole garment knit
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100% silk knitwear called the queen of textiles. Since it is composed of the same amino acids as the ingredients of the skin, it has excellent moisturizing properties, has high moisture absorption and release properties, does not get stuffy, and is clean and comfortable. Color: Gray / Size: SML Two weaves create a beautiful silhouette and the perfect fit.
12,000 yen (13,200 yen including tax)
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■Usage scene
– Warmth and comfort that can be used in winter, warmth that can be used from inner to outerwear. From everyday wear to the company and home.
・Assumed age of use: Can be used for a wide range of ages from 20 to 50. – Warm knit, skirt, and wide pants for the office, or denim for a casual look. [Image 5

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■ Product features
– Knitwear with excellent stretchability and ease of movement thanks to a seamless three-dimensional manufacturing method.
It is seamless and has no seams, so you can wear it with bare skin without itchy seams, so you can wear it without stress.
The three-dimensional manufacturing method snuggles up to the body, so you can wear it comfortably.
・”Partial knitting” technique which is the biggest feature
The fabric around the stomach, which is vulnerable to cold, especially around the shoulders and stomach, where women feel cold, has a thick fabric that does not look bulky. Normally, if you thicken a specific part, there will be a seam that connects the fabric to the fabric, but the weaving method is changed and it is finished without sewing, so even if you wear it under a jacket, it will be slim, comfortable, and bulky. plug.
・ Realizing “warmth and gentleness on the skin” by taking advantage of the number one sales record of Rakuten warmer band.
It is a finished product because we made use of customer’s voice and review. ・Price because of its high functionality
Although it is expensive to wear as an inner layer, the “onkatsu knit” that pursues functionality, comfort, and practicality is easy to use and can be reused on many occasions in winter.
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A garment that is knitted without sewing a single needle. It can only be woven using a machine developed independently by “Shima Seiki Seisakusho,” a “comprehensive mechatronics company” in Wakayama Prefecture.
WHOLEGARMENT products are made from the minimum amount of materials necessary. Unlike conventional knitwear, there is no edge cloth left after cutting the fabric, so it can be said to be the ultimate eco-knit. In terms of production, WHOLEGARMENT products can be produced close to where they are consumed, eliminating the need for post-processing such as sewing.
The apparel industry emits 10% of the world’s CO2, and it is a loom that leads to improvements in the current situation of 15.1 million tons of waste.
・Hand washing is possible at home.
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We created an original laundry net so that you can use it for washing, and made it into a product package.
■What is “Kinoshita Dye Factory Co., Ltd.”?
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Kinoshita Dyeing Factory Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1962 in Takanoguchi-cho, Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture. Koyaguchi Town, located at the foot of Mt. Koyasan, is famous as a production area of ​​”pile fabric”, which is the only traditional fabric in Japan that can only be found in Koyaguchi. Although it is a small factory in a small town, we would like to continue contributing to the production area with the technology that has been passed down for over 60 years. Young people in the future will say, “I want to make pile fabrics! We aim to create an environment that makes people think, “I want to make it a sustainable industry” in order to pass it on to the next generation of children.
■Company Profile
Company Name Kinoshita Dye Factory Co., Ltd.
Representative Shigenori Kinoshita
Address 〒649-7202 1318 Fushihara, Koyaguchicho, Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture
TEL 0736-43-2121
FAX 0736-43-2121
Mail order site URL: [Inquiries regarding this matter]
Kinoshita Dye Factory Co., Ltd.
1318 Fushihara, Koyaguchicho, Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture 649-7202 TEL:0736-43-2121 FAX:0736-43-2121
Person in charge: Teruyo Kinoshita
Email address:

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