Kisshou CAREN/Tsuruya Kisshotei Notice of official online shop opening

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[Kisshou CAREN/Tsuruya Kisshotei] Notice of official online shop opening
Alfonsino, red horse mackerel, kamasu, etc. We have prepared delicious dried fish from Izu.
We also offer a special dried fish set in collaboration with the long-established store “Ogiso Shoten” founded in 1900.
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“Kissho CAREN” and “Tsuruya Kisshotei” https://www.tsuruya-kisshotei are located in the quiet port town of Higashiizu, Kitagawa Onsen. com/ (Higashiizu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture General Manager: Fumio Matsuda) opened an official online shop on November 5, 2022.
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We have prepared a large number of single items and set products that you can purchase delicious dried fish such as alfonsino, red horse mackerel, kamasu, blackthroat seaperch, and saury according to your budget and purpose. KISSHO’s dried fish uses carefully selected raw fish and sun-dried salt, and is finished using a traditional method that does not contain preservatives or chemical seasonings.
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A special dried fish set is also available in collaboration with “Ogiso Shoten” in Shimoda, Izu, a long-established store founded in 1900 that carefully prepares each fish by hand.
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Please enjoy the delicious dried fish selected by KISSHO, which you can easily order on the Internet, as a winter gift or for your home. Kissho CAREN Tsuruya Kisshotei online shop
[Opening date] November 5, 2022
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[Handling contents] Food (dried fish)
[Payment method] Credit card payment
Recommended single item (tax included, shipping fee not included) ■ Alfonso approx. 120g x 2 pieces / 1,200 yen
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It is a dried fish that you can enjoy high-quality red snapper with a focus on the quality of the meat and the unique flavor of the fat at a reasonable price.
■ Real horse mackerel approx. 70g x 5 pieces / 1,200 yen
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Our proud true horse mackerel, which has plenty of high-quality fat and umami, is the classic dried fish that you will never get tired of.
■Kamasu approx. 80g x 4/1,300 yen
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It is a dried fish that you can enjoy the plump and thick taste of carefully selected red kamasu.
Dried saury with mirin approx. 80g x 3 pieces / 1,200 yen
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The soy sauce, mirin, and sesame have just the right amount of sweetness and spiciness. Collaboration product with “Ogiso Shoten” (tax included, shipping fee not included)
KISSHO introduces a luxurious set of dried fish that we would like everyone to taste. It is a gem of a set that includes rare sea bream as well as alfonsino, which cannot be removed as a dried fish from Izu.
■ Assortment of golden mussels “Kichi Set” 6 types, 15 pieces / 9,940 yen [Image 9

-Contents- Alfonsino (approx. 150g) x 1, Nodoguro (approx. 160) x 1, Aji (approx. 100g) x 5, Evo (approx. 80g) x 2, Mackerel (approx. 150g) 2 pieces, dried saury mirin (approximately 80g) x 2 pieces ■Assorted gold-coloured rockfish “Sho Set” 6 types, 15 pieces / 9,940 yen [Image 10

– Contents – 2 pieces of alfonsino (approx. 150g), 2 pieces of blackthroat seaperch (approx. 160g), 5 pieces of mackerel (approx. 100g), 2 pieces of ebo sea bream (approx. 80g), 2 pieces of dried mackerel (approx. 150g) 2 pieces, dried saury mirin (approximately 80g) x 2 pieces Value set product (tax included, shipping fee not included)
■ “Kisshou Dried Fish A Set” 8 pieces of 4 types / 2,500 yen [Image 11

We offer an assortment of dried seafood from Izu at a reasonable price. – Contents – Alfonsino (approx. 150g) x 1, Aji (approx. 70g) x 3, Evo (approx. 50g) x 2, pacific saury mirin (approx. 80g) x 2 ■ “Kisshou Dried Fish B Set” 10 pieces of 3 types / 3,050 yen [Image 12

This is an assortment prepared for those who just want to enjoy dried red snapper, a specialty of Izu. Try the recommended set of exquisite fatty mackerel and dried Evo sea bream.
– Contents – Alfonsino (about 150g) x 2 pieces, Aji (about 70g) x 5 pieces, Evo sea bream (about 50g) x 3 pieces ■ “Kisshou Dried Fish C Set” 13 pieces of 5 varieties / 5,400 yen [Image 13

We are proud of our dried fish set that combines both quality and quantity, and is our recommended special product that pursues freshness and fat.
– Contents – Special red snapper (approx. 200g) x 1 piece, Aji mackerel (approx. 80g) x 5 pieces, Upper evo sea bream (approx. 70g) x 3 pieces, Kamasu (approx. 100g) x 2 pieces, pacific saury mirin dried (approx. 80g) x 2 pieces ■ Kitagawa Onsen
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Kitagawa Onsen is a quiet port town with a nostalgic atmosphere overlooking Sagami Bay and Izu Oshima. In addition to the seaside natural hot springs represented by the public open-air bath “Kurone Iwaburo” at an altitude of 0 meters above sea level, it is a town of hot springs and delicious food, blessed with fresh seafood caught in traditional fixed nets.
[Video 4:] On the nights before and after the full moon, you can see the “Moon Road”, a path of light reflected in the sea, which has been certified as one of the “100 Famous Moons of Japan”. It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo to Izukogen Station by limited express “Odoriko”. Transfer to the Izukyu Line and get off at Izu Kitagawa Station in about 10 minutes.
■ Kissho CAREN
[Video 5:] A hot spring inn with an ocean view from all rooms overlooking the Sagami Sea from the Kitagawa Onsen hill, this is a hideaway resort for adults. From the guest rooms, the restaurant, and the infinity open-air bath, you can enjoy a superb view of blue and blue, where the sky and the sea merge.
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Drink service at the library lounge, afternoon tea with pancakes, celebrations for wedding anniversaries and birthdays, longevity celebrations, lunch benefits for consecutive nights, and other free hospitality are popular. 30 rooms in total.
* Free shuttle bus from Izu-Atagawa Station runs regularly
(reservation 3 days in advance)
■Tsuruya Kisshotei
[Video 6:]

A hot spring inn that stands by the seaside of quiet Kitagawa Onsen and overlooks Izu Oshima. Boasting an abundant amount of hot water (300 liters per minute), two free-flowing hot springs from the source are available in a large hot spring bath, an open-air bath, a jet bath and a total of 4 free private baths made with rocks, and guest rooms with garden open-air baths. You can enjoy it.
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Kaiseki cuisine with freshly fried tempura to enjoy the fruits of the sea and mountains of Izu, guest rooms overlooking the sunrise over the sea and the moon road, private baths, after-bath beer and tokoroten service, hot spring table tennis, and hospitality for anniversaries and consecutive nights are also popular.
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