Kita no Tatsujin Corporation New release Gel sheet type hyaluronic acid * 1 “Hyalo Aid” that can be appl ied directly to the knee

Kita no Tatsujin Corporation Co., Ltd.
[New release] Gel sheet-type hyaluronic acid*1 “HyaloAid” that can be applied directly to the knee

Kita no Tatsujin Corporation Co., Ltd. will launch a gel sheet-type hyaluronic acid *1 “Hyalo Aid” that can be applied directly to the knee from its own brand “Kita no Kaiteki Koubou”, which handles cosmetics and health foods, in early February 2023.
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Development background
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Many people who have problems with their knees tend to withdraw due to anxiety and embarrassment about moving their bodies. This product started with the idea of ​​​​relieving such anxiety as much as possible, “I want you to live a more comfortable life and enjoy a fulfilling life where you can freely enjoy what you want to do.” Developed with Then, we adopted a new approach of applying it directly to the knee, and decided to release it as a gel sheet type hyaluronic acid *1 “Hyalo Aid”.

Product Features
[1] Formulated with ingredients that approach knee problems
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Hyaluronic acid *1 is a typical ingredient that approaches knee problems. There are several ways to take it into the body, such as “drinking”, “painting”, and “injecting”, but “HyaloeAid” is completely different from them, and uses the method of “pasting” directly on the knee.
Contains 6.6mg of hyaluronic acid*1 per sheet. In addition, we finished the sheet with 8% dimethylsulfone (MSM)*² and 0.07% camphor*³. Easy care just by sticking it on the area you care about will support your lively everyday life.
                                   ※The above amounts are for one sheet. [2] Dedicated supporter for first-time purchase benefits
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 A special supporter will be given as a gift at the time of the first purchase (for the number of purchases). By using it together, it is possible to maintain a better fit to the knee.

Product information
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Product name: Hyalo-Aid
Category: Cosmetics
Price: 4,864 yen including tax (4,422 yen excluding tax)
Contents: 30 pieces (approximately one month’s supply if used once a day) Release date: Early February 2023
First purchase privilege: Dedicated supporter (for purchased quantity) *1: Moisturizing ingredient *²: Solvent *³: Plasticizer
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*Information as of the date of announcement. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.
company overview
Kita no Tatsujin Corporation is a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (prime market) that believes in “only selling products that are surprisingly good.” We develop and sell products that specialize in pinpoint and deep troubles. Pursuing “satisfying quality”, we sell only products that have cleared about 800 quality check items. [Company site]
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