Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd. “Bambini x Monin” Tiramisu collaboration campaign held on Instagram with popular Fr ench-born home cafe items

Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd.
“Bambini x Monin” Tiramisu collaboration campaign held on Instagram with popular French-born home cafe items
Monin and Bambini’s House Tiramisu Campaign November 4th (Friday) to November 27th (Sunday), 2022

Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Kazuhiro Kimuraya) will be operating from November 4, 2022 (Friday) as Nichifu Boeki Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Guillaume Carlou), Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd. official Instagram @kitano_kk and Monin Japan official Instagram @moninjapan will jointly hold the “Monin and Bambini House Tiramisu Campaign” where you can win a long-selling item born in France.
Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd. Official Instagram Monin Japan Official Instagram [Image 1

A collaboration between Pierre Biscuitry [Bambini], a finger biscuit both born in France and a long-seller, loved by many chefs and confectionery researchers, and non-alcoholic syrup [Monin], which has brought about a cocktail boom in the world.
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Introducing “Tiramisu”, which is popular as a handmade sweet and the most popular arrangement recipe using [Bambini], in a collaboration recipe using [Bambini] and [Monin]. This is a campaign where everyone can experience tiramisu at home. Whether you are making tiramisu for the first time or you always make it yourself, please join us. Overview of “Monin and Bambini’s House Tiramisu Campaign”
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Follow Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd. official Instagram (@kitano_kk) and Monin Japan official account (@moninjapan), and from among those who liked the campaign post, 5 people will receive “Bambini” finger biscuits and “ We will present two kinds of non-alcoholic syrup of Monin. Please enjoy handmade tiramisu at home.
“Monin and Bambini’s House Tiramisu Campaign”
◆Application Period◆
November 4, 2022 (Friday) campaign posting-November 27, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59 ◆Prize (for 5 people)◆
・[Pierre Biscuitry] Bambini x 2
・[MONIN] Strawberry Syrup 250ml×1
・[MONIN] Caramel Syrup 250ml×1
◆How to apply◆
1. “Double follow” Kitano Shoji (@kitano_kk) and Monin Japan official account (@moninjapan)
2. “Like” the campaign post
◆Click here for details◆
Official Instagram of Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd.
Monin Japan Official Instagram About Monin
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MONIN is a global brand of non-alcoholic syrup that is loved by bartenders and baristas. MONIN’s 100 years of experience and over 100 flavors continue to lead the beverage market.
About Bambini
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Born in France, the gentle sweetness of Bambini is a light and delicate finger biscuit. Sugar is sprinkled on the crispy surface. You can enjoy it as it is, but it is a long-selling item that many people enjoy as an ingredient in making sweets. Not only is it made with very simple ingredients such as sugar, flour, and eggs, but cage-free eggs are used from the perspective of animal welfare.
[Image 6

[Pierre Biscuitry]
A family-run biscuit brand in Normandy, France, preserving traditions dating back to the 19th century. We procure ingredients locally as much as possible, and place importance on making fun and delicious sweets with simple ingredients that you can trust.
Bambini (Pierre Biscuitry) Importer in Japan
[Image 7d45745-18-fd80b31c5f94b4cfe628-1.jpg&s3=45745-18-f8bc0ff411b8b1b4ad2bc29e3bc49d00-200x75.jpg
Company name: Kitano Shoji Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kazuhiro Kimuraya, President and Representative Director Location: 1-11-8 Oyodominami, Kita-ku, Osaka 531-0075
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