Kiyomizu-dera will open an online conferment office, “Beyond the_ OTOWA” from November 10th

Otowasan Kiyomizu Temple
Kiyomizu-dera will open an online conferment office, “Beyond the_ OTOWA” from November 10th
Aiming to remain a familiar presence in the rapidly changing modern society, Mt.
At this awarding place, we will introduce new items that have been upcycled using old materials from recent restoration work and roof replacement. In addition, on the blog, we will post stories about the small forces that continue to support the temple and their roles, and we plan to upload content that will provide a new perspective for the next visit.
Kiyomizudera temple:
For more than 1200 years, Kiyomizu-dera has carved a history as a Kannon sacred site that many people worship.
It is an unchanging principle to visit temples like Nichisan and Tsukisan, but there are times when it is difficult to visit for various reasons. With the hope that you will feel closer to the temple and Kannon at such times, we will open an online awarding office on November 10, which is the festival day of Kannon (17th of the lunar calendar every month).
[Image 1d111761-2-a310e3c41ffe6305becc-0.png&s3=111761-2-dfe0c066b93abc5c7da350ac131aaec6-2784x1642.png
At this conferment office, you cannot confer amulets or amulets, but you can confer items such as fudadate and prayer beads.
Some of these items are made by reusing (upcycling) materials such as old materials from the restoration work of the main hall of
Kiyomizu-dera Temple and other halls, and old cypress bark from the re-roofing of the main hall. The material that has protected the temple and the prayers of many people over the years has been reborn and reborn as a new shape.
In this blog, we will introduce the roles that these items played at Kiyomizu-dera before they were made and the various stories related to them. I think you can understand that a small force gathers and the temple is established.
We will continue to introduce items that can be reused and
manufactured. We hope that you will keep it in your possession for a long time and feel the will of Kanzeon Bodhisattva, and we hope that Kiyomizu-dera will make you feel closer to your heart.
The Jozai obtained at this temple will be used carefully for the maintenance of the temple grounds and forests on the precincts. d111761-2-570005563b531f01b769-2.jpg&s3=111761-2-8762ea53ce58cdac7c8c8e31740b182c-2048x1365.jpg
Bill stand (desktop type)
It is a bill holder carefully made using old wood and old materials that have been used in the restoration work of the Kiyomizu-dera main hall and other temples, and the appearance of the precincts of the temple. A stand that enshrines amulets in a simple shape that can be placed anywhere.
Two types of wood, cypress and cedar, are used, and each color and expression is different, making it a beautiful and unique bill stand. I hope that everyone will put it in their hands and join hands. Limited edition of this awarding office.
For one person: ¥2,860
Multiple use: ¥3,300
[Image 3d111761-2-ba1bb3ce4864af815a29-7.jpg&s3=111761-2-91e19ae9a06c8d79908ef0c16a13f924-2048x1365.jpg
Rosary ball large/small
It is a prayer beads unique to Kiyomizu-dera, carefully made from old trees that have created the temple view of Kannon Fudaraku Jodo in the precincts.
Price (both large and small): ¥3,300
Rosary bracelet large/small
The halls of Kiyomizu-dera, which were built in the 1630s of the Kanei era and are steeped in history. This is a rosary made from the old wood. We hope that you will be able to wear it for a long time and create a precious relationship.
Price (both large and small): ¥1,650
[Image 4d111761-2-cbe894f768020a1befda-6.jpg&s3=111761-2-65d98a40af397ea4f6067e5372ef0425-2048x1365.jpg
sutra paper
This sutra copying paper is made from cypress bark that was re-roofed during the major renovation of the Heisei era in recent years. Heart sutra example, with sutra delivery cylinder.
Price: ¥5,500
Paperweight (Sakura)
Cherry blossoms that make you feel spring in the precincts of the mountain. The flowers that have fallen from the tree are sealed in resin and delivered. You can feel Kiyomizudera and its spring more closely.
Price: ¥3,300
[Image 5d111761-2-083c261fcbc56e83257a-8.jpg&s3=111761-2-ef04b926ac8b7b9d165e5234579033ef-2048x1365.jpg
It is a paperweight that breathes new life into bells and bells that have been used for Buddhist ceremonies in various temples since ancient times.
Price: ¥4,400
Incense sticks (Kuon)
It is said that burning incense, which was introduced with Buddhism in the 6th century, keeps the mind and body pure and sharpens perfection. We hope that you will use it to accompany the silence of your mind and heart, and that you will feel closer to Kannon.
There are 7 kinds of scents, but among them, Kuon is an incense stick kneaded with cypress bark, which has been used as the roof of the main hall of the temple for about 50 years. The sweetness of high-quality sandalwood and the dignified scent of cypress bark resonate quietly. This is a limited item that can only be given for this temporary period after the Heisei era renovation has been completed.
Price: ¥1,650
[Image 6d111761-2-bd0d04c39918f86f507d-4.jpg&s3=111761-2-b99f830d56c6617e042fe89d99fe826d-2048x1365.jpg
Incense stand
The bells and bells that have been used for Buddhist ceremonies in various temples for a long time have been recast and given new life as incense holders.
Price: ¥4,400


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