KKCompany Japan G.K. KKCompany Japan G.K.’s video and live distribution solution BlendVision (R) has been adopted for Novo’s remote production.

KK Company Japan LLC
KKCompany Japan G.K.’s video and live distribution solution
BlendVision(R) adopted for Novo’s remote production
BlendVision(R) to realize remote preview of animation studio with ultra-low latency live distribution function

KKCompany Media & Technology Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, Representative: Steve Wang, Japanese subsidiary: KKCompany Japan G.K., hereinafter referred to as KKCompany), which develops business in the Asia-Pacific region by utilizing cutting-edge IT/media technology and cloud technology. Video and live distribution solution BlendVision(R) provided by Noovo Inc. (CEO: Hideo Uda, hereinafter referred to as Noovo), an animation and related content planning and production company, has been adopted for remote production “Cloud Rush Preview”. rice field.
At Noovo, the preview work in the animation production process, which was usually done by the director and related parties in one place, has become difficult due to the influence of the corona crisis, causing delays in the production progress. was occurring. In animation production in particular, it is necessary to be able to preview images with color and high-resolution quality, which cannot be handled by ordinary video conferencing systems, so a high-quality video solution was required.
As a result of considering multiple live distribution solutions, BlendVision(R) was finally selected because it met the essential conditions of high-quality video distribution and low-latency live distribution, and also had added value such as archive VOD
distribution and chat room functions. It was decided to adopt. With BlendVision(R), you can simultaneously display the live distribution screen and the chat room (comment column) in theater mode, so by entering the contents of opinions and instructions that appear in real time in the chat room, you can record them as meeting minutes. can be used.
In addition, by downloading the minutes after the live broadcast as CSV data with a time stamp, you can watch the video as many times as you like while matching the time of the archived VOD video after the live broadcast with the minutes. The ability to make corrections and production work while confirming the relevant video scenes and the contents of the minutes was a major decisive factor in hiring. [Overall configuration diagram]
[Image 1

cloud rush preview
[Image 2

Archived VOD delivery + chat log
Main features of BlendVision(R)
Ultra-low latency live distribution within 3 seconds
Powerful content protection function with DRM technology
Interactive devices such as comment function and questionnaire function Hideo Uda, CEO of Novo Co., Ltd.
“BlendVision’s high-definition, low-latency live distribution solution has made remote preview work smoother by connecting the main studio to each remote home and office. AnimatorSpaceTokyo
(https://noovo.co.jp/project/), where the latest digital environment can be used for each animation production project operated by our company, is also considered to provide services to various production companies. I would like to nurture and increase the number of creators.”
Mr. Tony Matsuhashi, Representative of KKCompnay Japan, said as follows. “Through cutting-edge IT/media technology and cloud technology, we provide solutions and services that enable more people to use a wide variety of communication and entertainment more easily and
comfortably. , We are very pleased that BlendVision(R), which has our ultra-low latency delivery technology, has been adopted for Norvo’s remote production “Cloud Rush Preview”. We will continue to aim to provide highly convenient services and solutions from the perspective of our customers and users. ”
[About KK Company]
Founded in 2004, KKCompany has business bases in the Asia-Pacific region (Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc.). KKCompnay Japan G.K. is a Japanese subsidiary of KKCompany.
Corporate official website: http://www.kkcompany.com
BlendVision(R) product official website: http://www.kkstream.com

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