KMSK Danes Academy Expands Business Partnership with Futurosport, Belgium’s Largest Sports Facility

KMSK Danes Academy Expands Business Partnership with Futurosport, Belgium’s Largest Sports Facility
We will further expand the development business in anticipation of global collaboration

KMSK Deinze (local name, KMSK Deinze), which belongs to the second division of the Belgian professional league, emphasizes the
development of the football business that will lead to the next generation through the development of academy players. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Futurosport.

Since becoming owned by ACA Football Partners (ACAFP) in February 2022, KMSK Danes has focused even more on restructuring the academy. Futurosport is located in Mouscron, in the Wallonia region of western Belgium and adjacent to Lille, France. Futurosport is one of Belgium’s largest training facilities, equipped with 12 pitches and fitness equipment. A well-equipped facility is one of the important elements in preparing a training environment for young players, and KMSK Danes has decided to start using Futurosport as a new base for the academy team. Futurosport also has partnerships with nearby schools, enabling them to offer a consistent program from education to football, with a view to accepting both male and female players from Japan and abroad. ACAFP and KMSK Danes have also signed a partnership with Vietnam’s largest academy PVF from July 2022, and are also working on a development project connecting Asia and Europe based in Belgium. By partnering with Futurosport, which has top-level Belgian knowledge in terms of facilities and guidance, we will build a more fulfilling acceptance system for the academy.
[About Futurosport]
Established in 1998, Belgium’s largest sports facility and academy development organization. It has a track record of producing many professional players such as Maxime Restienne (Lion City Sailors FC) and Jonathan Blondel (Club Brugge). 23 hectares of land with 12 full courts, 2 artificial turf pitches, a recovery room, fitness equipment, track and field and other newly renovated facilities. Futurosport has also partnered with schools in the Mouscron region, and plans to open a new boarding school in 2026. You can participate in the practice at [About KMSK Deinze]
Established in 1926, this football club has a long history and belongs to the second division of the Belgian Pro League. The home town of Danes has a population of approximately 45,000 and is known as a wealthy area in East Flanders. In the 2019-20 season, they were promoted to the second division of the Belgian Pro League, and in the 2021-22 season, they fought hard to finish the season in 4th place (out of 8 clubs). It is a club that is achieving rapid growth, such as announcing a new stadium construction plan. From February 2022, ACA Football Partners will become the owner, and while actively promoting business alliances on a global level, we aim to further develop business and sports.
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[About ACA Football Partners]
Based in Singapore, it is a soccer company that aims to create multi-club ownership from Asia, and is a member of the ACA Group, whose core business is the formation and management of investment funds. Professionals who agree with ACAFP’s mission of “bringing out the latent value of sports” participate in the team as management members. From 2022, full-scale activities will start with KMSK Danes, who belongs to the second division of the Belgian professional league, as the core club. In the future, we will promote multiple capital and business alliances with partner clubs that support this mission, explore the possibility of business expansion without being bound by conventional frameworks, and contribute to the development of the football business globally.
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