Know Before KnowBe4 Japan receives Great Place to Work(R) certification

Know Before
KnowBe4 Japan receives Great Place to Work(R) certification
In Singapore, it was also certified as “Singapore Best Workplaces in Technology” in 2022 and ranked second.

Tokyo (November 18, 2022)-Great Place to Work Japan conducts a questionnaire survey of companies that have entered the certification ranking, and recognizes companies whose survey results exceed a certain level as “workplace companies” for one year. Certified. Great Place to Work Japan recently recognized KnowBe4, the world’s largest integrated platform provider that combines security awareness training with phishing simulation and analysis, as a “Great Place to Work”. [Image 1d53624-125-96649f04d2eb593868ce-0.png&s3=53624-125-2f878ae1a592d3156af45ed3db4eae58-451x279.png
Gabriel Tan, who oversees KnowBe4 Japan’s overall sales activities, commented on KnowBe4 Japan’s job satisfaction certification as follows.
“KnowBe4 Japan is rapidly expanding its business organization in response to growing demand in the Japanese market. Human resources are the greatest asset for an organization. We are grateful that our wonderful employees make us a great place to work.KnowBe4 Japan will continue to actively hire talented people.”
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Today, KnowBe4 is recognized around the world for its corporate culture that fosters a fun, transparent, and fulfilling work environment. Around the same time as this certification for job satisfaction in Japan, we were also certified as “Singapore Best Workplaces in Technology” in 2022 in Singapore, ranking second. In the U.S., in 2022, KnowBe4 will rank “Fortune Best Workplaces in Technology(TM),” “PEOPLE Companies that Care,” “Fortune Best Medium Workplaces(TM),” “Best Workplace for Millennials(TM),” It is also ranked among the “Best Workplaces for Women”.
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-About KnowBe4-
KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform provider of security awareness training combined with phishing simulation and analysis focused on building and configuring the Human Defense Layer. KnowBe4 was founded in August 2010 in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA by IT/data security expert Stu Sjouwerman, with a focus on security’s “human component: overcoming human error.” By raising the security awareness of each employee, such as ransomware, CEO attacks/scams, business email compromise (BEC) and other increasingly sophisticated social engineering techniques, security threats that target “people” to individuals, organizations, We help protect groups. Kevin Mitnick, one of the world’s most prominent cybersecurity specialists, serves as CHO (Chief Hacking Officer). KnowBe4’s training program is based on his insights from a hacker’s perspective. As of October 2022, more than 54,000 companies and organizations have adopted KnowBe4 to build a “people” defensive wall as the last line of defense. For more information about KnowBe4, please visit
-About Great Place to Work(R)-
Great Place to Work(R) is the global authority on workplace culture. It is a specialized organization that conducts surveys and analyzes on “job satisfaction” and announces companies and organizations that have reached a certain level in the influential media of each country in about 60 countries around the world. In the United States, FORTUNE magazine publishes a ranking of the best companies to work for. After being established in the United States, we have established offices in various countries in Europe and Central and South America.In the Asian region, we began operations in South Korea in 1996, India in 2003, and Japan in 2005. Since 2007, Nikkei Business magazine has published a ranking of the best companies to work for in Japan.
For more information about Great Place to Work(R), please visit Also, if you want to check the information in Japanese, please access Details about this release:


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