Knowledge management SaaS “NotePM” begins sales via major IT distributor SB C&S

Project mode
Knowledge management SaaS “NotePM” begins sales via major IT distributor SB C&S
Project Mode Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanagawa Kawasaki City, Representative Director: Takuma Ozawa, hereinafter “our company”) is a major IT distributor of SoftBank Group companies in the knowledge management SaaS “NotePM” that it operates. SB C&S Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasuo Mizoguchi; hereinafter referred to as “SB C&S”) has signed a business alliance agreement regarding the sale of “NotePM”.
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■ Overview
Knowledge management SaaS “NotePM” is a service that allows you to easily post manuals and know-how, and quickly find the information you want with a powerful search function. We started providing it in 2016, and it has been used by customers in a wide range of industries such as IT, manufacturing, professionals, medical care, and finance. This time, we will accelerate the provision of “NotePM” through SB C&S, one of the largest IT distributors in Japan, with 12,000 companies nationwide and 43,000 bases, and solve problems in corporate knowledge management. .
[IT-EXchange NotePM introduction page] ■ About SB C&S Co., Ltd.
SB C&S Corp. has inherited the IT distribution business, which is the origin of the SoftBank Group, and has quickly grasped changes in the market environment to create new business models. For corporations, we provide products and solutions that utilize advanced technologies, including the cloud and AI, through one of Japan’s largest sales networks. For consumers, we are leveraging our unique planning and development capabilities to expand our product lineup from software and mobile accessories to IoT products and services. Please see our website for details.
■ About NotePM ( )
NotePM is a tool similar to Wikipedia where employees can write and accumulate various information to find out what they want to know about the company. It is ideal for stock-type information management such as manuals, procedure manuals, business know-how, internal FAQs, daily reports, minutes, etc., which are searched many times. [Image 2

[NotePM official website]
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Company Profile
Company name: Project Mode Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location: First Hill 102, 1-665 Maruko-dori, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Representative Director and President: Takuma Ozawa
Business description: Development of in-house wiki tool “NotePM” for knowledge management SaaS
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