Kobunsha Co., Ltd. Risa Yukihira The latest digital photo book that contains valuable golf pictures that fans must see is on sale!

Kobunsha Co., Ltd.
Risa Yukihira’s latest digital photo book with valuable golfing must-see fans is on sale!

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Risa Yukihira (C) Kobunsha / Weekly FLASH Photo ◎ Tomoki Kuwashima Risa Yukihira, a gravure idol who is making a big break as a “round girl who is too beautiful”. Her new digital photo book will be released on November 15th
In this digital photo collection, in addition to the lateral milk that can be seen from the tank top, the lingerie from the knit with plenty of fetish feeling, the swimsuit at the sea, and her first golf wear gravure that is also active in golf programs. It is a must-see for fans.
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Risa Yukihira (C) Kobunsha / Weekly FLASH Photo ◎ Tomoki Kuwashima [Person’s comment]
It was my first time doing a photo shoot while playing golf, so it’s very memorable. The highlight is definitely the cut that turns up the skirt and the cut that takes off from there (laughs). If you go on a date, you may feel like this, you may be able to enjoy such a moment! [Announcement]
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Risa Yukihira “Gokujo Chirarism” (C) Kobunsha / Weekly FLASH Photo ◎ Tomoki Kuwashima
On November 15th, [Electronic version limited 143 pages] Risa Yukihira’s FLASH digital photo book “Gokujo Chirarizumu” will be released on Kobunsha’s digital e-commerce site “kokode digital” and other electronic bookstores!
Risa Yukihira 28 years old Born June 17, 1994 Born in Aichi Prefecture T164 B88 (F) W57H87 After working as an office worker in her hometown of Aichi Prefecture for three years, she moved to Tokyo, and in the summer of 2020, she started working on the web version of “Tokyo Calendar”. Appeared in the project “Tokyo Pool Rubber 2020” and became a hot topic. After that, she made her gravure debut and swept over each magazine. FLASH digital photobooks “Echiechi Onee-san” (sexy edition and neat edition) and “A hotel in the afternoon” are now on sale at various electronic bookstores. 1st photo book “Torokeru. ] (Shueisha) is an instant reprint hit. His hobbies include horse racing, golf, and horseback riding. For other latest information, please visit the official Twitter (@risa_yukihira)
Risa Yukihira (C) Kobunsha/Weekly FLASH Photo ◎ Tomoki Kuwashima Details about this release:


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