Kodansha Co., Ltd. mi-mollet Beauty Awards 2022 Fall / Winter Cosmetics NO.1 supported by middle-aged women have been decided!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
[mi-mollet Beauty Awards 2022 Autumn/Winter] Cosmetics NO.1 supported by middle-aged women have been decided!

The web magazine mi-mollet, operated by Kodansha, has announced the first place in each category and the overall grand prix of the “mi-mollet Beauty Awards 2022 Autumn/Winter”. What cosmetics have gained the support of beauty professionals and Mimore readers? [Image 1

What is the mi-mollet Beauty Awards?
An award that focuses on beauty items that make beauty fun and positive, and beauty items that you want to recommend to your loved ones, and selects them based on the reality of the reader. Count the 3th from the start of 2021.
The theme of the 3rd time is “cosmetics and me to the next stage” The number of cosmetics with a sense of “diversity” such as colors and package designs that can be used regardless of gender has increased, and cosmetics that are one step or two advanced in terms of
“functionality” that respond to skin concerns with pinpoint accuracy. Was it. In addition, since the mood has been fostered to choose “what attracts me” from a wide range of options, this time we set the theme “cosmetics and me to the next stage”. did.
◆ About selection method
The mi-mollet Beauty Awards is a selection method that “professionals choose and readers decide”.
[STEP1] 25 professionals in the beauty and fashion industry select “entry items” Items released from October 2021 to October 2022 are eligible. We will select products that we really like, things that we actually use, and things that sympathize with the brand philosophy.
[STEP2] Reader voting
Mimore readers will vote for their “favorite cosmetics” and “cosmetics they want to use the most” from the entry items.
[STEP3] Grand prize decision
1st to 3rd place in a total of 8 categories, 4 categories for makeup and 4 categories for skin care, has been decided. In addition, the product with the highest overall score among all entry items will win the “General Grand Prix”!
This is the one that shined at the top among many popular cosmetics! Overall Grand Prix
COSME DECORTE Liposome Advanced Repair Cream
[Image 2

“Liposomal Advanced Repair Cream” won first place by far, collecting many votes from both judges and readers. In any case, there were many voices of confidence in the “liposome series” and the effects that gave us confidence.
“This cream has a new non-greasy texture, and is popular even among people who were not good at creams. You can become beautiful just by wearing it.” I would like you to use this special cream as a talisman.” (Risa Yoshinari, PR Manager, COSME DECORTE)
This makeup edition has four categories: foundation, eye shadow, lip, and nail color. Many prizes were awarded for the beige and brown colors that the mid-calf generation has been familiar with for many years. While it is easy to use and has a sense of security, it has gained popularity for its modern texture and saturation. For those who say, “I usually only use beige and brown,” I want you to try to update your makeup.
■Makeup Click here for 1st to 3rd place in each category
[2022 Autumn/Winter Best Cosmetics Makeup Edition] Announcement of the No. 1 cosmetics for foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and nails chosen by professionals and readers! [mi-mollet Beauty Awards]
skin care
This skin care edition has four categories: cream & eye cream, beauty essence, lotion, and hair care. The prize-winning items are “My skin is not clear due to lack of sleep”, “I have multiple skin problems that cannot be covered with one care”, “I am concerned about pores and sagging due to aging and mask damage”, and “My hair is dry”. , I don’t get it.” All the things that approach the worries of modern women with pinpoint. We have a lineup of excellent products that combine meticulous attention to reach itchy areas and the ability to feel the response of changing skin.
■Skin care edition Click here for 1st to 3rd place in each category [Beauty Awards 2022 Autumn/Winter results announced! ] Spots, wrinkles, sagging, pores, dryness… God cosmetics that save skin and hair in their 40s and general grand prix announced!
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