Kodansha Co., Ltd. “New buckwheat season has arrived! A special feature on “soba”. Yo Yoshida appears on the cover!” Adult Weekend December issue, released today ♪

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
“The new soba season has arrived! A special feature on ‘soba’. Yo Yoshida appears on the cover!” Adult Weekend December issue, released today ♪
Adult Weekend December 2022

This issue features “Soba”! From the newest shops to long-established shops, there are many shops where you can enjoy new soba noodles. In addition, there is also a special feature on “Udon Jijizai” in “Kyoto in winter, where you can prepare your heart”. And Yo Yoshida appeared as the first person cover in the history of this magazine. There is also a special article. looking forward to!
The special feature of this issue is “Soba”. The outline is faint and vague. However, the nostalgic scent that somehow stimulates the original scenery of the mind is comfortable. The season for new soba has arrived. In this issue, we will cover new shops, gourmet soba noodles that you want to visit after visiting the shrine, shops with full soba fronts, and long-established shops with a history of feasts. We have gathered excellent shops where you can enjoy the graceful new soba.
Kyoto is approaching winter. There are relatively few tourists, and it is a precious season when you can walk around the city with a relaxed feeling. A stressful day. Admire the garden and touch the beauty to heal your tired heart. Why don’t you prepare your heart in Kyoto in winter?
And there is also a “Udon” feature. In order to approach the diversity of udon, where each region and restaurant has its own unique menu for noodles, sauces, and seasonings, we conducted a masked survey in Tokyo, Saitama, Mie and Ise. We have found a shop where you can enjoy the charm of udon to the fullest. It is inevitable that you will be captivated by its freedom!
Yo Yoshida is on the cover of this issue. To commemorate the publication of the serialized “Hitsujimeshi” in this magazine, we will decorate the cover of the first person in the history of this magazine.
With this one book, you can definitely find something delicious without relying on internet searches! Please take a look at the gourmet magazine (according to our editorial department) that has the highest probability of being placed in a beauty salon in Tokyo. [Image

Adult Weekend December 2022
Main contents of the December 2022 issue of Adult Weekend
・I love that person too
Utsukushiki soba
・Topic shops one after another!
Popular new store
・I want to be a regular customer
A gem of a new store
・ I want to visit after visiting the New Year’s holiday
Good profit soba
・The appearance and atmosphere are also delicious
Enjoy a long-established soba restaurant
・The joy to soak in before handing over
Tonight, I’ll have a bowl in front of the soba.
・By soba group staff
frank masked roundtable
·The Special Event
Yo Yoshida goes to a long-established soba restaurant
・A trip to touch the dignified air
Kyoto in winter to warm your heart
・There are delicious foods in various places
udon freely
・Adult Weekend x Rakuten Ichiba
Order a “Winter Gift”
・The order club is a stamp of approval
Order “reward gourmet”
★ Serialization / Yo Yoshida’s “Hitsujimeshi-If you want to eat grass, work”, Haruka Kinami’s “Kinami Topan”, Masayuki Kusumi’s “Shop of the Match”, Laswell Hosoki’s “Tama Go!!”, Daido Moriyama’s ” Weekend”, McKee Makimoto x Takeshi Kadokami “Delicious Round-Trip Letter”, Ai Kayano’s “Koyoi no Kayano”, [Alexandros] Hiroyuki Isobe’s “Drunken Ladder”, Azusa Shiraishi’s “Kitenretsu Museum”, “Toji no Evening drink”, free time for adults, this month’s gold medal is here! , Masked Writer’s Monthly Food Diary
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