Kodansha Co., Ltd. Report on the release of “Miyu Kaneko WHITE graph digital photo book”

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Report on the release of “Miyu Kaneko WHITE graph digital photo book” Cute first gravure of a super idol who boasts 2 million TikTok followers!
This time, “Miyu Kaneko WHITE graph digital photo book” will be released on November 22 (Tuesday), the same day as the release of the high-quality visual magazine “WHITE graph 009” (published by Kodansha). Let me do it. This is the first digital photo book that contains other cuts of “WHITE graph 009” by Miyu Kaneko, a member of the idol group LinQ, which is based in Kyushu and Fukuoka and is active nationwide.
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Miyu Kaneko’s fresh digital photo collection bursting with a smile Relaxing in a cute baby pink loungewear, coordinating a refreshing white dress and straw hat for a walk in the garden full of greenery, dressing up and dressing up… Full of energy, I recorded a lot of fresh Miyu Kaneko’s real face. When shooting in sporty outfits, there is also a scene where she shows her specialty dance. This is Miyu Kaneko’s first digital photo book, which contains plenty of other cuts from “WHITE graph” and makes you smile just by looking at it. [Available photo materials]
・”WHITE graph 009″ 2 preceding cuts
Title: Miyu Kaneko WHITE graph Digital Photo Book
On sale November 22, 2022
Price: Body price 1100 yen (tax included)
* Special information for media personnel only. Please refrain from disclosing information on personal SNS etc.
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