Kodansha Co., Ltd. Sayaka Kobayashi publishes “The day when a virgin girl got mad again.

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Sayaka Kobayashi publishes “The day when a gyaru ga ga ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ga ga kyaru ga ni ni ni ni hi” (The day when a gyaru got married again) is published.The trajectory of going to a prestigious graduate school in the United States and hints on making dreams come true are in one volume.

At the age of 34, the former Billy Gyaru entered a prestigious graduate school in the United States and became a “Billie” again! [Image 1d1719-4625-fe996aa3475f4903f6f1-0.png&s3=1719-4625-8f6661ad474f8e92aeedb1592ca00275-1276x2044.png
Ms. Sayaka Kobayashi, also known as Billy Gal, became the model for the blockbuster book that sold more than 1.2 million copies in total, “The Story of a Girl Who Raised her Deviation Value by 40 in a Year and Passed to Keio University” (KADOKAWA).
From high school when he hated studying and got a deviation score of 30 on national mock exams, after repeated failures and setbacks, he passed Keio University, got married, divorced, remarried, and decided to study abroad at the age of 32. I wrote down until I passed the Columbia Graduate School of Education at the age of 34.
In addition to the college entrance exams at the time of Virigal, there are plenty of exam episodes after becoming an adult. It’s not just about studying, but it’s also a story of a family that vividly depicts how Kobayashi’s family, which was about to collapse, was reborn.
At many lectures held after the hit of Virigyaru, I met children who gave up saying, “I can’t achieve my dreams because I’m not good at grounding.” With that in mind, I decided to study abroad.
The important things in “education” and “learning people” that the author, who entered the Columbia University Graduate School of Education and became “Billie” again, thinks. I used to hate studying, so I want to tell my children the meaning of studying. Through the setbacks and failures so far, the content is very fulfilling, including hints on how to make her dreams come true, the meaning of studying, and the significance of taking exams.
– “Biri” is the starting point for me to move up and has a positive meaning. Parents, educators, students, and everyone who is worried about life should read this book.
*This book is a re-edited version of “To become a Kirakira no Kimi ni ni ni ni bririgyaru no tale” (published by Magazine House), with extensive additions to the process leading up to the entrance exam to the US graduate school. Some of the notes have been revised and published.
YouTube live distribution decision!
It has been decided that Sayaka Kobayashi and Nobutaka Tsubota, the principal of Tsubota Juku, will be live streaming on YouTube. 11/20 (Sun) 21:30-Scheduled
On YouTube Sayaka Kobayashi “Virigyaru Channel”
“The Day Billy Gal Became Billy Again” Product Information
Chapter 1 This is how I became a gyaru.
I hated myself / Checking the school gates on the way home / “All adults are rotten” / “Are you interested in the University of Tokyo?” / Damn old man…etc.
Chapter 2 Five things necessary for the “challenge”.
1 Start the engine with “emotions” / 2 Have unfounded confidence / 3 Create a strategy / 4 Create the mentality of a successful person / 5 Find a coach
Chapter 3 Virgil’s aftermath.
It stinks on campus / Should I quit college / The weight of an envelope I can’t forget / Applying for an interview at The
Ritz-Carlton / Self-proclaimed super wedding planner … etc.
Chapter 4 Encounters and Farewells, the Expanding World
Naive office worker/First marriage/Missing each other/Divorce is not a negative word/Nothing else
Chapter 5 “Education” as seen from Virigal
School culture makes students / School rules make sense / School is absolutely essential / Deviation value does not become “zest for living” / Choosing an environment for exams. Studying is nothing but a tool / Form of parent and child, etc.
Title: The Day Billy Gal Became Billy Again
Author: Sayaka Kobayashi
List price: 1650 yen (tax included)
Release date: November 16, 2022
Publisher: Kodansha
■ Author, Sayaka Kobayashi
[Image 2d1719-4625-335518e56cd3ddf9140a-1.jpg&s3=1719-4625-3caf93cfe53021437434be3cfb22d1bc-2000x1333.jpg
Virigyaru himself, the main character of “The story of how a gal who was the best in her grade increased her deviation score by 40 in a year and passed Keio University” (Nobutaka Tsubota / KADOKAWA). In junior high school, I experienced a grade break, and in the summer of my second year of high school, I only had the academic ability of the fourth grade of elementary school. At that time, the deviation value of the national mock exam was less than 30. In junior high school, he was suspended many times for his bad behavior, and was called “human trash” by the principal of the school. In the summer of her sophomore year of high school, she met cram school instructor Nobutaka Tsubota, and set her sights on passing the exams at Keio University, the most difficult private university in Japan. As a result, in a year and a half, I increased my deviation score by 40, and in addition to several difficult universities, I passed Keio University while still active. After graduating, she worked as a wedding planner and then became a freelancer. From April 2019, he will enter graduate school to study learning science, and will complete his master’s degree in 2021. Also, in January 2020, “Virigyaru Channel” was opened on YouTube. We are delivering entertainment educational programs for students, teachers, parents, and everyone. From the fall of 2022, I am studying abroad in the Cognitive Science Program at Columbia University Graduate School of Education.
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