Kodansha Co., Ltd. Triple collaboration of “Boku Makeup” x @cosme x VOCE! “Nice to meet you beauty” suppor t campaign started

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Triple collaboration of “Boku Makeup” x @cosme x VOCE! “Nice to meet you beauty” support campaign started

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From the “VOCE” website, “I decided to try makeup (hereinafter referred to as “Boku makeup”)” focusing on self-care. Season 2 of the popular series has started. In response to comments from readers such as “I want to buy it because I’m embarrassed, but I can’t” and “I don’t know what to choose,” I made an offer to @cosme and realized a triple collaboration. In order to support the “courage to take the first step” of beauty beginners, campaigns will start at @cosme TOKYO stores and on both VOCE and @cosme sites.
“Nice to meet you beauty” support campaign
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On the 2nd floor of @cosme TOKYO, we have set up a special corner for “Boku Makeup”. The staff will become real Tama-chan, a beautician, and will support the feelings of beauty beginners who say, “I don’t know where to start.” Please also pay attention to the signage on the exterior of the store in front of Harajuku Station and the signage in front of the cash register. On the @cosme site, a project where five members will guide you on recommended skin care and base makeup has been released.
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On the large screen outside the @cosmeTOKYO store, a fun video of Ichiro and Tama-chan will pop and invite you into the store! ・ Signage video implementation period: November 16th to November 29th Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / 11:00 to 21:00
@cosme “Nice to meet you beauty” support campaign
From recommended face wash to base makeup tips
[BA Answers] https://www.cosme.net/feature/I0021942
[@cosme member answers] https://www.cosme.net/feature/I0021976 VOCE “Nice to meet you beauty” support campaign
[Interview with Nozo Itoi] https://i-voce.jp/feed/2037160/
[Editorial interview] https://i-voce.jp/feed/2062943/
[@cosme editorial department deputy manager interview]
[@cosme beauty advisor interview] https://i-voce.jp/feed/2089202/ Men’s beauty manga “I decided to try makeup”
The serialized manga “I decided to try makeup” on the “VOCE” website, which has recorded a cumulative total of 10 million PV. When it was released as a book in February this year, it received a great response, such as winning the first place in Amazon’s best-selling ranking and comics overall. Season 2 starts this month.
[Image 4d1719-4651-fdbf6889477c873805c6-3.jpg&s3=1719-4651-8f9ffc07262e2ad1a4db541f0b88b710-2000x1050.jpg
Read Episode 1 of Season 2 https://sp.i-voce.jp/viewer/bokumake/11/ [Image 5d1719-4651-7883837f07bb8f4a4e4f-2.jpg&s3=1719-4651-4e56d2f9b20a519d94e6a7fda52a170c-1903x2700.jpg
Volume 1 became a bestseller immediately after its release.
@cosme TOKYO
[Image 6d1719-4651-46663e2e70b2a5ce07a6-1.jpg&s3=1719-4651-9d1246777756b3e82b3dfc8318d872f7-1023x682.jpg
This is @cosme’s flagship shop with 600 brands and 20,000 items ranging from affordable prices to luxury items. A ranking corner where you can see popular products, a limited-time pop-up space where various brands hold events, an editorial corner planned by @cosme’s beauty staff who are professional cosmetics, etc. is producing Beauty media “VOCE”
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“VOCE” is a comprehensive beauty media with the concept of “Being beautiful is fun”. Full of information on the latest cosmetics and best cosmetics recommended by beauty professionals. We are
transmitting discerning information seamlessly with magazines, websites, and SNS.
We want to lower the mental hurdles for people who want to start beauty care and want to take the first step! A triple collaboration project that was born. Please pay attention to the store and website.

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