Kodomo Ribingu Co., Ltd. 43.3% of people have experience using paid video distribution services, and the avera ge daily viewing time is “1 hour or more and less than 2 hours” is the most common / The highest usage rate is “Am azon Prime Video”, Satis

Kodomo Living Co., Ltd.
43.3% of those who have used paid video distribution services have the highest average viewing time per day, “1 hour or more and less than 2 hours” / No. 1 usage rate is “Amazon Prime Video”, No. 1 satisfaction is “Netflix” ”
A survey on “paid video distribution service” conducted by Shirmil Research Institute’s web content “Woman Research” (2022)

Kodomo Ribingu Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kazuhiro Nakajima), which publishes information magazines for kindergarteners, moms and dads, “Enfan” and “Gyutte,” has developed a research business as “Sirmir Research Institute”. I’m here. At the Silmil Research Institute, we conduct a survey of women across the country called “Woman Research,” and publish recommended products and services selected by women in a ranking format as web content. This time, we will announce the results of the “survey on paid video distribution services” conducted from September to November 2022.
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“Amazon Prime Video” ranked first in the “paid video distribution service” ranking chosen by women
According to a survey conducted from September to November 2022, “Amazon Prime Video” is the highest usage rate for “paid video distribution services” chosen by women (the service also has the highest repeat rate), and “Netflix” is satisfied. It won first place (the same service also ranked first in the recommendation rate). *Recommendation rate = How much would you like to recommend your paid video distribution service to your family and friends? Those who answered 9 or 10 are regarded as promoters, and are ranked in descending order of their ratio.
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Here are some reviews from people who have actually used the award-winning prizes.
▼”Amazon Prime Video”
User’s voice: “I think it’s very easy to use because it summarizes movies with good reviews and introduces recommended videos to me.” (30s/Hokkaido)
User’s voice: “There are videos that can only be seen here, and I use them.” (40s, Tokyo)
◆ 43.3% have used paid video distribution services, with the highest number of views being “at home during free time”.
This time, 455 women nationwide responded. 43.3% have used paid video distribution services. As for the genre of paid video distribution services, “Foreign movies” accounted for the most at 61.8%, followed closely by “Anime” (61.2%) and “Japanese movies” (59.6%) (multiple answers allowed). When asked what time they watch the video, 77.5% of them answered, “at home during free time”, followed by “at home at night relaxing time” (70.8%), “at home on holiday” (55.1%), and “at home”. Break time at work” (11.2%), and “Commuting/outing time” (9.0%) (multiple answers allowed).
◆ What I emphasized when using it is that the genres I want to see are substantial
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28.7% of respondents said that the most important thing when using a paid video distribution service was that “there are many genres that I want to watch”. This was followed by “the monthly usage fee is reasonable” and “there are many topical and latest titles” (multiple answers allowed).
The average daily viewing time was “1 hour or more and less than 2 hours” at 34.8%, followed by “30 minutes or more and less than 1 hour” (30.9%) and “less than 30 minutes” (18.0%).
◆ Paid video distribution service plays a role in refreshing and relaxing time When asked about the programs that he is addicted to on the paid video distribution service, the reasons, and episodes, he said, “Disney shows. Mickey’s actions and sound effects touch the heart and excite both parents and children, so they can have a refreshing time.” (30) Mie Prefecture), “Every Friday night, my husband and I watched the Amazon Prime movie ‘007’ and the entire series of ‘Ochushingura.’ It’s fun to watch old movies and dramas.”・Tokyo), “The Minions series is a story that children love and the whole family can laugh out loud while watching. The characters are cute and can be enjoyed by adults as well.” I understand that you are buying a part.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/57067/table/240_1_b4e3eac1aa23a94e07b2c78391013007.jpg ]
Kodomo Ribing Co., Ltd. is a Shogakukan Group company that publishes information magazines for kindergarteners, moms and dads, “Enfan” and “Gyutte,” and develops a “research business” for women, moms, dads, and nursery teachers, such as women’s research. I am a media operator. At Woman Research, we will continue to conduct and report surveys on various themes. For the company that won the first place, we also propose the use of the award logo and survey data. The award-winning logo and number one notation can be used in a wide range of
applications such as advertisements, storefront tools, business negotiation materials, brand sites, and SEO measures. Please contact us for more information.
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