Kodomo Ribingu Co., Ltd. Women enrolled in iDeCo “For preparation other than public pensions” / “Financ ial institutions that handle iDeCo” No. 1 usage rate is “SBI SECURITIES”

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Women enrolled in iDeCo “For preparation other than public pensions” / “Financial institutions that handle iDeCo” No. 1 usage rate is “SBI SECURITIES”
A survey on “financial institutions that handle iDeCo” conducted by Shirmil Research Institute’s web content “Woman Research” (2022)
Kodomo Ribingu Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kazuhiro Nakajima), which publishes information magazines for kindergarteners, moms and dads, “Enfan” and “Gyutte,” has developed a research business as “Sirmir Research Institute”. I’m here. At the Silmil Research Institute, we conduct a survey of women across the country called “Woman Research,” and publish recommended products and services selected by women in a ranking format as web content. This time, we will announce the results of the “Survey on financial institutions that handle iDeCo” conducted in
October-November 2022.
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◆ Ranking of “financial institutions that handle iDeCo” chosen by women, “SBI SECURITIES” ranked first in usage rate
In the survey conducted from October to November 2022, “SBI
SECURITIES” won the first place in the usage rate of “financial institution survey that handles iDeCo” selected by women.
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Here are some testimonials from people who have actually used the award-winning service.
User’s voice: “Easy to use because you can keep your securities trading account” (30s, Kanagawa) “Convenient and quick procedure” (30s, Kanagawa) “Low fees” (30s, Hyogo)
◆ 17.7% of iDeCo subscribers were 17.7%, and the most common reason was “I thought it was necessary to prepare other than the public pension”.
This time, 373 women nationwide responded. iDeCo subscribers were 17.7%. “Securities companies” accounted for 43.9% of the operating and managing institutions using iDeCo, followed by “city banks/Japan Post Bank” (13.6%) and “specialized companies, etc.” (12.1%). 53.0% of the respondents answered that they needed to prepare for the insurance other than the public pension, and 50.0% said that they learned that it would save income tax and resident tax. (40.9%), “I learned that investment profits can be reinvested tax-free” (25.8%), and “People around me have joined” (10.6%) (multiple answers). ). It turns out that many of the reasons for joining are the benefits of tax savings, such as the full amount of contributions being deducted from income and no tax being charged even if there is a profit or investment profit.
◆ What I emphasized when joining was the low management fee
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40.9% of respondents placed the highest priority on “low management fees” when joining a financial institution that handles iDeCo. This was followed by “there is a full lineup of investment products,” “the company has a good image,” and “the application process is easy” (same rate) (multiple answers allowed).
The reason why I did not join iDeCo is that I do not have enough funds Reasons for not joining iDeCo are, in descending order, “I don’t have spare funds” (25.1%), “I don’t know which institution to choose” (22.5%), “I don’t know how to apply” (19.9%), “There is a risk” (18.9%), followed by “I don’t feel the need” (16.9%) (multiple answers). In addition, 12.1% said, “I am saving and investing in other ways,” and there were other reasons such as “It’s troublesome to apply.” The result suggests that the number of subscribers may increase in the future if information on the operation and management agency and the procedure for joining is known.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/57067/table/241_1_33458642ac7f1c9ba3af32e682c5f847.jpg ]
Kodomo Ribing Co., Ltd. is a Shogakukan Group company that publishes information magazines for kindergarteners, moms and dads, “Enfan” and “Gyutte,” and develops a “research business” for women, moms, dads, and nursery teachers, such as women’s research. I am a media operator. At Woman Research, we will continue to conduct and report surveys on various themes. For the company that won the first place, we also propose the use of the award logo and survey data. The award-winning logo and number one notation can be used in a wide range of
applications such as advertisements, storefront tools, business negotiation materials, brand sites, and SEO measures. Please contact us for more information.
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