Koei Co., Ltd. Fulfilling the desire to use it in a beautiful and cool way. “Dirty and scratch resistant sli ng bag” started pre-sale at Makuake

Koei Co., Ltd.
It fulfills the desire to use it in a beautiful and cool way. “Dirty and scratch resistant sling bag” started pre-sale at Makuake [Pre-sale period] November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 30, 2023 (Monday) / Pre-sale at the support purchase service “Makuake”
Koei Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Representative: Teruaki Matsushita), a bag manufacturer that shapes the image of customers with craftsmanship, has launched the brand “TRIDEAL” that focuses on materials, functions, and durability. As the first product, we have started pre-sale of the “TOUGH SLING MULTI BAG”, a sling bag that is resistant to stains and scratches. Project page: https://www.makuake.com/project/trideal/
Sales period: November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 30, 2023 (Monday) [Image 1

  Tough sling multi-bag
Background and overview of the development of the TOUGH SLING MULTI BAG The concept of this bag is a bag that can be used while being beautiful all the time.
Because I use it every day, my bag is worn out.
I’m afraid of damage, so I use it less frequently and use it to fertilize my closet.
We wanted to solve this problem that users have, so we developed a bag that uses fabric that is resistant to scratches, stains, and deterioration.
Of course, it also has a design that is easy to match with
coordination and functionality that users can use comfortably. [Image 2

The most important thing about a bag that can be used beautifully all the time is the material.
This time, we adopted “Duron”, a functional material that has passed all inspections at inspection institutions.
It is a new material that is resistant to scratches due to its surface strength, water resistance, light resistance, and deterioration over time.
[Image 3

Features of functional material DURON
□ Resistant to scratches (tested for abrasion strength)
□ Resistant to water and dirt (tested for water resistance)
□ Resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays (light resistance tested) □ Resistant to deterioration (jungle test completed)
Using materials that have passed future tests as the main material, we were able to realize a bag that can be used while still being beautiful.
Of course, in addition to fabrics, we are also particular about parts that users can use comfortably and functionality.
Please check the project page.
[“TOUGH SLING MULTI BAG” project overview]
Project name: “I want to use it clean and cool for many years”. A sling bag that is resistant to stains and scratches
Project implementation period: November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 30, 2023 (Monday)
Project page: https://www.makuake.com/project/trideal/
Return: 1 completed TOUGH SLING MULTI BAG
Scheduled general sale price: 19,800 yen *There is a great advance discount Return introduction and product specifications
[Image 4

[Return introduction]
■Limited to 50 pieces 38% OFF ¥19,800→¥12,276
■Limited to 100 pieces 35% OFF ¥19,800→¥12,870
■Limited to 50 pieces 32% OFF 19,800 yen → 13,464 yen
*All prices include tax and shipping.
[Product specifications]
■Size: W 28cm H 22cm D4~13cm (adjustable)
■Composition: Polyester 600D special PU coat/nylon
■Country of origin: Made in China

[Image 5d111829-1-e2a564c20e435d955cba-9.png&s3=111829-1-e50cc5f6f28334af2f29cd89c4d21502-1230x1000.png
We at TRIDEAL develop products with three beliefs.
Carefully selected high-quality materials and parts
User-friendly functionality
Durable, long-lasting design
TRIDEAL is a new brand that will be released to the world for the first time with this product. We will deliver the product.
About Koei Co., Ltd.
Until now, we have produced OEM bags for major bag brands and apparel companies, but we want to deliver high-quality products directly to users that make use of the knowledge we have gained through OEM, so we launched the brand UniRT in 2021. I was.
This time, we will launch a new brand called TRIDEAL and challenge the project at Makuake.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Koei Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 8-2-1 Miyuki Fueda, Minami-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Representative Director: Teruaki Matsushita
Business: Manufacturing, wholesale, and EC sales of bags
Established: August 1992
HP: http://koei1975.jp/
Details about this release:


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